Thursday, January 05, 2006


2006 - just rolls off the tongue, don't it.......2006 - a luscious number.

2006 - the year I am intending to go skiing for the first time ever.
2006 - the year I am going back to 'school' for the first time since my flunked A levels.
2006 - hopefully the year I get to see Boo; first time in 3 years or more.
2006 - the year I intend to change jobs.

Lots of firsts there. Lots of things for this depressed blogger to look at positively.

There are also three anniversaries this year.

1986 - the year I joined the Civil Service as a baby civil servant. Seems a lifetime ago - oh hang on, it was!

1986 - the year I met MB. He fell for me first, I took some persuading. I thought I was really bad at relationships, but 20 years later we are still together.

and then there is the Big Bad Anniversary. The primary reason behind my depression. One of the reasons for my manic adoration of my cats. One of the reasons I surround myself with other people's children.

1996 - a year etched in my mind for all eternity.
1996 was the year my GP sat me down and told me I would never have children.
1996 was the year I was admitted for drastic gynae surgery.
1996 was the year my life stalled and never really restarted.

So here we are - 2006.

Hello, 2006 :-)

Update - this is very interesting. Despite the rotten anniversary, I thought this a reasonably upbeat post (given my current state of mind!), but it seems to read as sad......

All my BlogBuddies! This is a Positive Post - dealing with crap in my own way.
Honest - it is! Positive......this is me being positive.....



CyberKitten said...

This time in 1996 - 5 months away from an unexpected 2 year roller-coaster relationship

This time in 1986 - 5 months away from getting my degree

2006..... All to play for I think..... (grin)

Otto K said...

Well, I hope that this is a year of (great) firsts for you.

Wendy directed me here today.

WendyWings said...

96 for you sounds like 2000 was for me.
May 2006 bring many GOOD firsts for you.

Tara said...

A lot changes in 10 years. I've done a post today from my life starting 11 years ago. I have so much that I should be proud of, but I'm not.

I CAN say that my life started last year when Jeff and I got together though, and although my depression is still around, I actually feel like I'm living instead of just existing.

I also have you to thank too. You've been through what I'm going through, and have helped me to see that it's not always so bad. And hey! Blogsistahs are the most fun sistah's a gal can ever have!

Seriously, I hope this year brings you many greats, especially the skiing, which I also am supposed to be trying this year for the first time.

*Bites nails nervously, I just know I'm gonna suck ass at it!*

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

CQ, you wonderful presence here in the blogesphere...and in all our lives, especially this OldOld Lady's....I wish you all the very best that 2006 holds for you...A great Skiing trip awaits, you VERY brave breaking of legs aloud..!
And who is to know what else may be just around the corner, or the next, or even the next...I know there are things that have not been what you hoped for...and maybe there will be more..(NOT!) but, you obviously have a relisiency and a love of the ridiculous that will carry you will your wonderful MB and your sweet funny kitty's, plus all of us out here in blogland who count on your presence to cheer us and care, and who love you because you are YOU...
Long May You Wave, My Dear...

Mother Damnable said...

Hiya Crazie Queen

I echo Old Lady of the Hills.

I have never been here before but love to read your comments in other places.

It was eiry when I clicked on your blog and I promise sweety I haven't been copying you!

I am glad to have found you and I hope you can pop by my blog if you get a chance. I've added you to favourites :>)

Oreo said...

AW, I'm sorry! You know you're always in my prayers, right? :)

mar said...

I wish you a very happy 2006, you know that. And thanks for the picture of my lovely hat, I LOVE it! (back in one piece!)

craziequeen said...

ooh new visitors! And returning travellers!

Hello Mother Damnable, all welcome at the Palace.. :-)

Mar, baby!! You is home [hugs] My turn next.....