Saturday, January 07, 2006

Blogging Away

There were so many meme's flying around over Christmas and especially the New Year that I stopped doing them!

But I did promise myself I would do an adlib blog at some point about everything.

Blogging - what to say?
Thanks to Aginoth and Mrs Aginoth for introducing me to the blogosphere and helping me set up.
Thanks to Michele for her weekly M&G game without which my blogroll would be much poorer.
Thanks to Jean-Luc and OOL who I now count as personal friends as well as blogbuddies.
Thanks to all the lovely people on my blogroll who welcome me to their blogs and listen to what I have to say!

Well, 2005 was an odd year for my Crazies. There was no Crazie Holiday last year, which most of us missed - despite the inherent bickering that occurs. We had a breakup in the group which made lives a little tense for everyone, but we seem to be getting past that.
And I am pleased to say that three Crazies (cyberkitten, sleepy and rca) have followed me into blogland, and one remains a lurker!
'Friends are the Family one chooses for oneself'! I think one of the comments on my blog summed it up 'You have a lovely family' - don't I just!

Oh dear, I have now moved into the 'terrified' phase, despite all the encouragement from Mar.
I will be travelling to a hotel the night before and staying there while the others drive through the night (brains, see!), meeting them at the airport for our flight to Munich. Then a brief hop up into the mountains to the lodge.
I was most comforted by our organiser D, who, when I told him how scared I was, said 'If you don't like it, you don't have to do it - just watch!' :-) Thank you D.

Still fighting, although the war is dying down a little bit. But Pandy, being Pandy, still lashes out at Charlie whenever possible. I've noticed Charlie has some light scarring on his ears, so it looks like Pandy's claws work even if her teeth don't!

I had a lovely Christmas. I enjoyed writing all those holiday memories and everyone coming to see them.
Even though Charlie repeatedly destroyed the tree, it was up for Christmas Day and it was up for Crazie Christmas.
Fave pressies? All of them :-) I'm easy to please.

New Year
No resolutions here, except maybe not to be so naive. I don't do resolutions. We tuned in to see the fireworks at midnight and raised a glass to each other in our time-honoured 'couple' way.

I wasn't sure about this blogging lark. I am a very introverted person naturally (hence Mrs A comments about learning about me from my memes!) and struggle in company, usually leaning on MB or cyberkitten. So my blog was a bit of a mish-mash until I decided on a diary style. Thoughts, feelings, happenings, stories, jokes, pictures - like the diaries we had as children, when you stuck in pictures and retold jokes! Although my diaries never existed as long as this blog has.
This blog was started on the 28 Sep, so I have broken the 3 month bar with time to spare.

Yeah, it's still around, making me feel small, insignificant, useless, tired etc etc etc.......but blogging does help! Perhaps I should tell my doctor! :-) Oh, and I'm trying to keep my whinging to a minimum - 'cos there's nothing as depressing as a depressing blog!

Here's to the next three months!



CyberKitten said...

I never thought I'd keep up with this Blogging lark either... but I'll reach my 3 month point in a week or so..........

Still working on my 'style' though... (bg)

Tara said...

My blog is the third one I've had if you don't count LiveJournal,MSN spaces and all that other crap.

The first one I deleted cuz nobody was reading it, and I was determined not to start with the whole blog surfing sites and stuff, and the second one, believe it or not, I deleted cuz Jeffers pissed me off to the point where I walked out LOL.

Strange how these things work really. Both of us know that we each couldn't live without the other.

I mourned all the memories I lost on my old blog, but if I'd never deleted it, chances are I'd never have met you :o)

So I'm DEFINITELY not complaining. I couldn't wish for a better blogsistah, who makes me laugh till I cry. Thanks honey.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love this post CQ and everything you said....(On a personal note; the feeling is mutual, my dear...)
I am so very glad you are out there in Blogland and that I stumbled on your blog...Most likely throughthat wonder of wonder's...The Terrific Michele Connection...

This blogging has so very many wonderful things about it, doesn't it? Meeting people from all over the world...expanding one's knowledge about so very many things...having a GOOD laugh and sometimes a good CRY, too...making good friends through cyberspace is just an amazing thing!

I love that you wrote about all this, and everything else, too...

And..about the skiing...Yes, there is always sitting by the lovely Fire in the Fireplace and putting your feet up on the nearest hassock, while sipping on a lovely cup of hot cocoa...watching, as others slide down the mountain! (That's what I'd be doing..LOL)

Whatever you do, it's great that you'll be 'out there' in wherever...(Where is the Skiing taking place??? Maybe you said and I just do not me oh nurse!)...with a lovely group of friends...The "Real" Family, one chooses....

Vanessa said...

I found you through Michele's and I love all things British, so I'll definitely be back!

Mother Damnable said...

I've been blogging for 2 months now, it's been fun but my writing has now got so rude I can't publish it!

Something to do with being cuddled up indoors I suppose :>)

Thanks for welcoming me Crazie Queen

WendyWings said...

Ah I see we both started in September, interesting.
I am glad you are keeping it up :)
BTW The Baftas are looking MUCH better then the Oscars for Andrew and co :)

Juggling Mother said...

I was amazed at how well I took to blogging - I deliberately set it up as a diary style, but thought I'd only post as a cartharsis (well ok, that may have been every day anyway considering my mother & my job!).

I have posted virtually every day for 4 months. Previous record for a paper diary was 2 days!

Although I love getting readers & it's the comments that make it so different from a paper diary I write what I want/need to. If you want to talk about UM ad in finitum, you do that. It's your blog & we're just pervy voyeurs:-)

Although I have to say, it helps that none of my family know about it:-) (I'm fairly sure S was too drunk to remember & only has dial up anyway)

mar said...

We are september kids, I started in sept too. After having a blog in Spanish only read by my sister and a good friend. That was boring.
Now it is so much fun to have met you and other blogfriends!!!!!
Smart bloke, organiser D : you are supposed to have fun skiing. While graciously skiing down the hill ;D I always look at those people with matching everything but sitting in the sun sipping coffee or wine punch. There is something for everyone to do out there!

Marcia said...

hey cq - I'm from Colorado, the land of skiing, and I don't ski. But I have the best time going up to lodges with my friends, drinking cocoa in front of the fire, chatting with new people, and flirting with cute boys. No matter what, you'll have fun skiing!

ribbiticus said...

woohoo! much to celebrate! thanks to you, cq, for being one of my regular blog-friends! :)