Saturday, January 14, 2006

Blog Plug Day

It's a quiet day here in the Palace so let's see what's happening out there in blogland.

Our MIA has made an appearance.
Eric blogged from Dubai airport last night! But keep on dropping comments on hippo, make him feel the loooooooooove.... :-)
Utenzi reminded me of another MIA blogger, Yaeli, who is currently out of reach on Vanuata. Nip over and wish her well in her endeavours!

We have some cottage industries thriving in blogland.
Chele in La is selling some rather cool blogging t-shirts.
Thumper is worth a visit - books, shirts, mugs, mousemats - even better if you like psychokitties or pesky Buddahs!
Stephanie has a successful business selling all things lush and smellie - candles, incense, web design and even tarot readings!
Diva Kitty's Mom is dusting off her knitting needles and will create a blankie of your choice - and this one is for charity! :-)

Wendy is debating the latest rash of Blog Awards. Did you win one? Do you agree with them? are you a blogfollower or a blogleader?

and finally
[roll of drums, clash of cymbals and triumphant fanfare of bugles]

Today is
Jean-Luc's birthday!! Pop on over and say hello. Apparently he is going to tell us all about his party, Enterprise parties are always most entertaining......I do hope there will be cake and jelly!! :-)

And a little something I found for JL - I thought it would look good on the wall of his Ready Room by that dinky fishtank!:

Anything else of note happening in blogland?



Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Must check out the blog on awards (since, blush, we've been nominated for one and can't help mentioning it wherever we go!)
Michele sent me, just making sure you weren't skipped!

Uisce said...

I was so bored this morning I wrote my own really bad joke! But nothing of note. :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks for the birthday message and mentioning it. That's a great sign. I'll install it when I can.

craziequeen said...

bec - congrats to you and the other half of glamorouse :-)

You're right, Uisce - nothing of note :-)

funny joke, though.......


dena said...

When is Yaeli due back? She used to be a reuglar stop of mine, and I miss hearing about her antics.

Chele In {dot} LA said...

aaaaaah how beautiful are you..........
thanks so much

WendyWings said...

Thanks for the mention,now I have to go visit everyone else.
Better go wish the Captain a happy birthday before I miss it !