Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about my impending Ski Trip

1. This time next week I'll be in Bavaria!

2. I'm terrified.

3. I think I have everything.

4. My Aginothlings gave me a wonderful torch for my birthday to use!

5. Mind you, I am going back to the ski shop, as I think I'll need more socks [holds nose delicately]

6. We picked up our ski kit yesterday.

7. I felt like a beached whale next to the slim, small Army chappie dishing out salopettes (ski trousers).

8. But I fitted into them, so no biggie.

9. Splashed out on new suitcases today - our local supermarket was selling three suitcases for £30. And they fit inside each other!

10. I will not be driving through the night to catch the early morning flight, I will be snuggled up in a local hotel room!

11. Dreading my first 'tumble'......

12. Bonding well with colleague S, as I think we will be sharing a room - being the only girls going........

13. I couldn't have done this without the support of my Crazies, my colleagues and my blogbuddies.

And there is someone I think who is interested........ :-)

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YellowRose said...

Have a blast on the slopes!!! I have been, but it was in my younger days! Bavaria...that has to be gorgeous...take lots of pictures!

Stay safe!!! And have tons of FUN!!!

Lazy Daisy said...

Woo Hoo....sounds like fun. Be careful and if your not I hope you run into a cute ski instructor who'll take sympathy on you and give you private instructions.

WendyWings said...

It sounds like everything is falling into place, Charlie is definitely trying to stowaway I would double check my case before I zip it if I were you.
BTW just going to add your link now on my TT list, I have had a mess up day with the coding.

Tammy said...

:) Hey Craziequeen. Just popping over to see what you're up to.

My TT is up. :)

mar said...

Oh, dear. After reading your nr. 2 I wish I could take you to the beginners' slope and show you how much fun it is. Relax, cq! you'll have a great time! my TT is posted! glad you came over to read it.

JK :) said...

I hope you'll have a great time on your ski trip!

Happy weekend :)

Dave said...

Skiing is absolutely the best holiday. Good luck, you'll love it too. We are off to Breckenridge in March. Can't wait!

Nicole said...

Have fun skiing hun! Look forward to hearing you T13 when you get back!

Kimmy said...

Enjoy your ski trip. Not jealous at the snow, not a big fan of skiing. Love to watch it!

(You don't look like a beached whale in your ski outfit...or whatever it's called.)

They're up!

Anonymous said...

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