Thursday, January 12, 2006

Explaining the Unexplained

Cool - not a word from me, and still 11 comments from my faithful readership! :-)

OK, picture number 1:
I am terrified of the dentist. I had a very bad experience in my teens which has blighted my life. Then in my twenties I was introduced to an excellent dentist who used Gas and Air (yes, YellowRose, it is fantastic stuff!). Gas and Air is now not used at all in the UK, so I can't find a dentist who uses it. My old GP prescribed Beta-Blockers because my fear causes me to have heart palpitations which just get worse and worse.
Now there is no Gas and Air, I can't use the usual sedation, Valium, because, being a depressive, it tips me over the edge. My new GP prescribed me some sedatives, but they don't touch my fear, so I rely on my Beta-Blockers and my dentist!
Yesterday I had a check up. Not the end of the world, but I needed to take my Beta-Blockers just to get me to the surgery.

What makes everyone laugh? My dentist is an Iraqi. A lovely man, I hasten to add, but we don't have the best history with Iraq!

Picture number 2:
The bear is called Albert. He is my 'dentist' bear. Luckily my last two dentists have been totally understanding about my fear.
The previous one was not at all fazed by a 20something coming into his surgery with a teddy bear, holding her mother's hand.
My current one has written on my notes 'very, very nervous patient. Always brings teddy bear', so the staff are not surprised at a 40yr old woman coming in with her teddy bear.

The Ferrero are not left over from Christmas, Mrs A, I didn't actually get any for Christmas - although I got a lot of chocolates! So I treated myself :-)
The crisps are ludicrously expensive Walkers Sensations (Sweet Chilli Flavour) and were my reward for doing the whole 'dentist' thing.

Thanks to Uisce for the Wordless Wednesdays idea - think I'll keep this up!
And thanks to him also for introducing me to Sirius Satellite Radio. I am currently logged on as a guest listening to their 70s sounds :-) I am thinking I may register full-time.......


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mar said...

The best dentist I had was my gay doctor but he lives in Germany ¨*sigh*. I know the timing is bad , need changes in my life and the easiest way is to move one's blog. So I am under this new adress, come see me, won't you? (I have missed you, anyways)