Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Secret is Out

I always knew LMD Aginoth would come around :-)

I have been enthusing about her reaction to me for dramatic emphasis! She only 11 months old. When I first met her, I would arrive and Mummy would leave - of course she is scared of me.

I did play on that, although I have been impressed she has kept it up so long....... :-)

Last night a little yoghurt helped, and then, as she wasn't very tired and everyone was 'watching' the film [snigger], I played with her for a bit.

Playing with an unwilling child.
Pick up a toy - preferably one of theirs - something small and colourful. A noise is good too (I started with books with bells and squeaky bricks!)
Play with it yourself.
Make it look fun.
Make them want to play with it too.
When they sidle over to have a look, draw it to yourself to make them come closer.
When they are as close as they are going to get - hand it over!
Find another toy.
Until the child (and not you!) is sick of the game - then retire.
If you have done it right, when you hold out your hand, baby should give you a toy back.

Friendship on LMD's terms :-)

You see, dramatic licence apart, after 20+yrs with children of all ages nothing really surprises me any more.

But it was fun while it lasted. I got laughs (always the clown!) and LMD got extra cuddles and fussing. So it worked out well for both of us.

LMB got to be put to bed by her precious cq (this is becoming a routine when I visit!) and we read 'Bear with his nose in the air' - a lovely little book with the opportunity for sounds and actions and much girlish giggling. By the end of the book, we were saying in chorus " 'I don't care!' said the bear, with his nose in the [pause, lift nose to ceiling] air!!"

A Jnr is becoming a proper little boy with handheld game (don't ask, no idea!) and his energy - such boundless energy.......

Whenever I spend time with children it not only reminds me of everything I lost in not being able to have them - but also everything I gained in being able to be part of such wonderful families through my life.

Altogether a lovely afternoon and evening - even though the entire room ripped apart a film I like, but that was ok too..........'cos everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just looked over now and then and said pointedly 'I like it!', and then let them get on with their critiques!
The film was The Island: Ewen McGregor, Scarlett Johansenn, Sean Bean.

I like my friends! They are patient with me and understanding of my (many) foibles. They are kind and loving and supportive.

Thank you, Aginoth, Mrs Aginoth, cyberkitten, sleepypete and RCA.

Question for today - from last night........What is the word for a group of bloggers?
A post of bloggers?
A rant of bloggers?
An insanity of bloggers (I like that one!)?
An addiction of bloggers ('My name is cq and I'm a blogaholic!')?



Marcia said...

hmmmm... what about Band of Bloggers?

And what was the movie that you liked and no one else did?

ribbiticus said...

told ya she'd come around! marcia had the same idea (darn!)- band of bloggers - sounds kinda cool don't you think? :)

Surcie said...

Band of Bloggers--I like it!

Michele sent moi

Raehan said...

Sounds like you are having a great time with the little ones.

Michele sent me.

mar said...

a blogaddiction... sorry about the comments, cq, it is ALL my fault and I didn't even notice it until you told me so. Pls come again. We just opened a bottle of champagne.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hi CQ..Here from Michele this morning..MUCHO Traffic over there and so fast and furious I hope I haven't forgotten anyone...

Sounds like a GREAT night with the little ones and your Crazies, too... You have so much love in you for children it is touching and wonderful...They are lucky to have a sprite such as yourself caring for them...

Im Chele In [dot] LA said...

aaah you are so nice.........
thanks for stopping again.

YellowRose said...

Sounds like a wonderful time spent last night CQ! I haven't seen "The Island"'s on my list with Netflix, though.

I also like Band of Bloggers...reminds me of Robin Hood! LOL

Here via Michele's today!

Killired said...

i really like your site! using different colors for each paragraph is really nice on the eyes!

came here via michele!

CyberKitten said...

yellowrose said: I also like Band of Bloggers...reminds me of Robin Hood! LOL

I like that... 'Band of Bloggers'.. like the Spielberg WW2 series.... "Hey LT... Why am I ALWAYS on point!"

WendyWings said...

Band of Bloggers sounds good to me.
Sorry hon but The Island sucked. Ewan is hot and nice to look at but other then that meh.