Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Thoughts

Here we are, Friday again - and what a lot has been going on!

Firstly (and I can't help preening about this) I have been approached by the Department of Social Studies, Wartburg College, Waverley IA about taking part in a study of women bloggers!

This summer, two undergraduate psychology majors, Nicole Erspamer and Lia Kampman, and I are conducting research on female weblog authors and their online and “real life” friendships. We hope that you will consider participating in the study.

The study consists of a survey that takes 30-40 minutes to complete. In addition, if you were to decide to participate in the study, we would examine entries from your weblog to analyze how frequently you post entries, how many comments you receive, and the topics you discuss in your weblog. All of your survey responses and the results of our content analysis of your weblog would be confidential. Even if you do not regularly post entries on your blog, we welcome you to participate; we are interested in the opinions of a variety of bloggers.

I'm gonna get in touch on Sunday. They also add:
If you know of other women weblog authors who are at least 22 years old and who might like to participate in this study, please feel free to forward this e-mail message to them.
If you are interested, send me an email (if we are not already email buddies!) and I'll forward on the whole email.

OK, that's the study part for some fun.

Have you seen the Blogs of Summer Awards? Here on Bloggin' Outloud. It's a cool idea, and I have some nominations in mind.
Shame there isn't an 'Aimless Rambling' Blog category - I don't know where else the Palace fits!

And if you trundle over to see BooMama, she's created the inaugural 'Blog Tour of Homes'. Participating bloggers will display five pictures (or more, if you want) of their homes on Friday, July 28th.

On Monday the 24th my precious Pandora will be 18 (that's 78 in cat years) and tonight, courtesy of blogger, we are throwing her a big party at Pandora and Charlie's blog. These feline parties are HUGE - the last one pulled in about 570 comments and the imaginations ran riot. Shrimptinis, russianless white russians and trampolines figured massively. Wonder what our furry friends will get up to tonight........

Tomorrow we are all off to joust at the 'other palace'. Berkeley Castle (about 20 minutes up the road!) host Joust! every July and we religiously go. Now we have the added lure of Aginoth and the clan doing their re-enactment bit there too! You can read all about it on Mrs A's blog.

(and if Blogger sorts itself out, there will be the usual illustrations later!)


Tracie Nall said...

Happy birthday Pandora!

Lyn said...

Thanks for the link and plug for the Blogs of Summer. You can fit in the Random Blog Category! lol. Welcome to the BoS! :-)

Bobkat said...

Hi, Just been catching up with your blog. Cool pics yesterday of the beach - it is so beautiful there! Hope you had fun at Joust!

Meira{FB} said...

Stopping in to say,"Hi"!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Sorry Sweetie couldn't make it to "The Party", my dear CQ....we have been a bit overwhelmed here and just don't seem to have the time right now to participate in all the goings on....
I would be interested in participating in that survey if they want people "of a certain age".
I will email you, my dear...
Your fishing trip looked WONDERFUL!
Stop by when you get a chance...much has been going on.

Jennifer said...

i'm interested in the social studies project! anything educational is right up my alley!