Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Tasty Little Goodbye Treat

I'm away for a week now, internet-less.......even mobile phoneless (depending where I stand in the garden (BIG mountains!)) - so I have decided to leave you all with a treat.

For those who haven't seen Crybaby (and those who have [big grin]) here is a classic clip from the show.

Crybaby Wade Walker, leader of the Drapes, has been sent to the boys detention centre for playing Rock and Roll which started a riot. (Actually, the Squares started the riot, but its a long story!) Anyway, it is the first night, the guard (Willem Dafoe, no less) has said 'Nighty Night, Boys' and turned out the light.

Crybaby sits in the dark and sings 'Teardrops are Falling'........to the accompaniment of a handmade guitar.....and the rest of the dormitory.

I adore this song........I know it off by heart - not surprising considering I have this on DVD (2 copies), video AND the CD.......

Remember, this is not Johnny singing, it is singer/songwriter James Intveld.

And for those who haven't had a guess yet, see if you can answer the 'Bonus Question' on my post below :-)
Killired and Wystful1 have got it so far.......

Update: A couple of people have mentioned I have missed films off this list. Well, according to imdb Johnny has 41 films to his credit - it took me four hours just to load 14 pictures - and the post would have been HUGE!!
Anyway, putting Neverland on here would be TOO simple - although he did look cute as JM!
So I picked and chose my pictures, some easy, some difficult....not for a certain Yellow Rose Person, though!



MaR said...

Have fun visiting your mum, cq! have a safe trip too :¬)
Haven't seen Crybaby, but I am not doing badly: got Pirates 1 from my neighbor, watching the film soon!

Fizzy said...

I hope that you have a good time whilst you are away.
Will be thinking about you

YellowRose said...

Told you I was a Deppite! Have a good time while you are away!!! You will be missed!!!

kristi said...

Just happened to come across your site and OMG I loved the movie Cry Baby!!!! I used to know every single word to it. I am sooooo in love with Johnny Depp. In matter of fact I have watched the first pirates movie 2 times today and I am considering to go see the new pirates movie for the second time. I see that you like him too, I will be back

Le laquet said...

Hve a great time! Enjoy the technology-less zone :o)

Anonymous said...

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