Saturday, October 14, 2006

Money and Health

Money - hmm, sore subject with civil servants at the moment, especially in the MOD, as we haven't had a pay rise this year. It is still 'in negotiation' - which means the powers that be are arguing over how little they can spare to pay us.

And they have cut our bonuses - this year I got £500 (US$927) for exceeding my objectives and taking on extra work. Last year it was £800 which was a suitable appreciation for someone of my grade. But for 12 months of working myself silly and weekly commuting between offices - I got £350 in my pocket (£29 (US$53) a month). Was it worth it?

I'm not one to complain, but sometimes you have to blow off steam. I have no quarrel with reimbursing our troops for being on the 'frontline', but please - we don't ask for much, can we have our annual pay rise? Please? Although I am worried that the tabled 2% (pitiful isn't it?) will not match inflation even.

OK, enough about money. Next on the agenda; Health.

Just been to the doctor. The stomach trouble I had at, and have had since, Caldicot was gastro-enteritis (gastric flu) and the high dose of Prozac I am on causes the symptoms to hang around for ages ( a month, so far!). One option is to reduce my dose of Prozac, but as I, and several others, are worried about my mood swings at the moment I can't afford to reduce my dose. I need to be stable to work.
So, dose stays the same and I just try and ignore the constant stomach pain.

On the plus side; two weeks today the Crazies and I are heading off to deepest darkest Cornwall for a week away. To spend some time with those close to us, to help celebrate four(!) birthdays and to just, well, 'get away'.



Juggling Mother said...

Poor you. Gastro is pretty awful at the best of times:-( Hope it clears up soon - even with the prozac, a month MUST be long enough surely?

I'm still coughing tho:-(

Really looking forward to the hols. Not long to go now. As soon as I actually get my job I'll book the leave:-)

Fizzy said...

I am still coughing too!!! This chesty infection is a real humdinger!
I hope that the gastro soon clears up I understand why you can not lower your prozac dose Look after yourself.

Tell the MOD that you NEEEED that payrise and that Fizzy says they MUST do it!!!!

Kat Campbell said...

Ugh, my sympathies for the gov job and having to plead for our payraises every year. I face the same problem. This flu going around is terrible, but good decision about the Prozac.

Anonymous said...

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

They are clever with bonuses at my office, so to make sure it doesn't appear as part of the Final Salary amount.

You are invited to my 300th post, which will appear from Sunday night British time until Tuesday night. Hope you'll be there!

carmilevy said...

I've always hated the ethos of pay scales. Basically, if they could pay you any less, they would. The old economic truth is you don't charge a cent less for something than the other person is willing to pay. The corollary works vis-a-vis salary, and it's depressing, for we fret and worry all year about bonuses and raises that amount to a pittance.

The only alternative to break out of the tiny-numbers malaise is to quit and follow a new path. That's scary and risky, of course, but it ultimately comes with the potential for greater rewards.

Damn, I hate capitalism sometimes.

Le laquet said...

Ouch that must smart! It infers (in my opinion / to me) "we dont think you're as good as last time!"

But we know you are!

As for the gastro-flu ... do you drink a form of "friendly bacteria"? It works wonders for me!!

Keep your pecker up ... Cornwalls a'coming!

rashbre said...

A lot of bugs around as we transition from Summer to Autumn. Great to be spending some time in Cornwall for a few celebrations in the near future!


OldLady Of The Hills said...

So sorry about your tummy...Can't they give you a little something to ease that pain...? Donnatol,maybe? (This is your doctor
I'm so happy you are going on this wonderful trip, my dear....I know it can't get here fast enough for you!

What is the deal with the pay raise??? NO! That is not enough money for the time and effort put in!

Ladybug Crossing said...

$29 a month is not worth the effort.

Enjoy your trip!!