Sunday, December 10, 2006


Tomorrow I start a four day First Aid course in Bristol, so it'll be long days for me until Thursday. Mind you, then I only have Friday 15 and Monday 18 in work, working from home on Tuesday 19 and then it's Christmas!! OMIGOD! It's Christmas!

Today we all had lunch to help RCA celebrate her birthday. Me, cyberkitten, sleepypete, bionicdwarf, RCA and K all had a very nice, albeit brief, lunch before they disappeared back down the M4 home to London.

Since then the usual Sunday stuff, cooking dinner, clearing up, sorting laundry, and huuuuge piles of ironing.

woohoo!! Jeans tomorrow! ['wear something comfortable'].......

btw - if you haven't been to see him, Jean-Luc has been hosting his annual Enterprise Christmas Party on his Blog!



Anonymous said...

i just did my required first aid/CPR class in October. good luck!

michele sent me to see what you were up to.

Anonymous said...

it gets easier - wait till you get to my age then after a M and S 2minute supper the evening is totally yours. wish I could go away again. Bristol is a lively place now I hear - hope you enjoy it

Anonymous said...

just read you are a C Servant - i was too for many years for my sins but escaped to a life of sloth- I Hated First Aid as moaningminny , the doll, would never keep still. perhaps they don't use her anymore?

Le laquet said...

Hard to believe it's almost Christmas! Luckily they now have all the TAs in work first aid trained so I don't have to do that anymore :o)