Friday, December 22, 2006

This Christmas Weekend

With the onset of Christmas this weekend, we would be amiss not to think of all those with friends and family overseas, specifically our servicemen, who cannot come home to their loved ones for the season.

To all our Servicemen overseas, wherever they are, we haven't forgotten you this Christmas.

And just to stop this becoming maudlin, have a look at this wonderful film. Most of my English readers have probably seen it, but it may be new to my other blogbuddies.

This was made by a British Army unit in Basra during a quiet period in their duties last year.
From the BBC:
They e-mailed it to Army friends in London, but the MoD server crashed because so many tried to download it.
Among those to praise their efforts has been Defence Secretary John Reid.
Mr Reid paid tribute to the Royal Dragoon Guards when opening the
Queen's Speech debate on defence in the Commons.
"Her Majesty's armed forces never cease to amaze me. To be able to carry out such acts of determination, sacrifice and heroism in so many spheres of the world and, at the same time, to be recording hit videos is a measure of the quality of the British Armed Forces," he said.

So, thank you to Staff Sergeant Roger Parr ('singer'), Sergeant Andy Stokoe (the brains in the towel) and Captain Mungo Ker (behind the camera) of the Royal Dragoon Guards - for creating something permanent to highlight the reality of Our Boys overseas.

You want more? Well, spurred on by the above effort, the British Navy made their own extremely ambitious and touching video - watch out for the (brief) Waynes World bit in the helicopter.

I have worked with the Services for years, and the indomitable spirit still get me right here [thumps heart]



Tammy said...

LOL...great video! :)

Michele sent me. Have a great holiday!

Linda said...

Michele sent me - I'm going to watch the videos in a few minutes, but my son's begging to eat, so I have to go honor his wishes....

BTW - love that purple tree - that's my favorite color, which works out well since I live in Manhattan, KS, where Kansas State University is located, home of the Wildcats...whose colors are purple and white.

carmilevy said...

There really are heroes among us, and we all owe them a debt of gratitude for their sacrifices on our behalf.

Because of them, we can celebrate as we do.

Here from Michele's today. It's lovely to be back!

David Edward said...

that is terrific - praying for the men who serve to come home to their loved ones, safe and whole and sane.
Thank you for posting this.

we have snow ( 2 inches )

Anonymous said...

I first saw those videos last winter... still think they are hillarious !

I sent them to friends fighting oversea ; their reply ? There's an actual contest between teams to cheer themselves up ; can't wait to see the barbie one ! But in the mean time, still wishing those videos where made in their hometown instead of a war zone...

Michele sent me ; have a great weekend !

Happy holidays !

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff.

I don't envy what those guys do... but you've got to respect their dedication.


here via michele

Anonymous said...

All the best to you and yours,

and Michele sends her regards as well,


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays, Queen!

Hi from Michele's.

Paste said...

I've seen the army one several times, it's great. I hadn't seen the navy one but I'm glad I have. Have a great Christmas.

Anonymous said...

those were cracking me up. :)

Michele sent me over here today!

happy holidays!

Carli N. Wendell said...

nice. especially like the portapotty scene at the end. here from michele

utenzi said...

Michele sent me over to see you, Crazy Queen. Those videos loaded very slowly. YouTube must be busy today.

Happy Holidays and all that!

Anonymous said...

These were great. Bravo to the Brit military and thanks for sharing them.
Here from Michele's......

Jean-Luc Picard said...

An excellent post. A typical BBC action that.

Have a super Christmas!

David Edward said...

that IS even better than the other one
GOD I love the brits! good to have you as friends ( after that little misunderstanding 200 some years ago )