Friday, December 07, 2007

Twelve Signs of Christmas

12 - first sighting of the Famous Grouse and Coca Cola adverts.

11 - supermarkets stocking up with Christmas stuff in September.

10 - the annual debate on who is going to host the Crazie Christmas party.

9 - The days get dark and the weather grows cold...but it is still raining.

8 - we have to issue the traditional health and safety notice at work about decorations.

7 - we gather courage for the impending viewing of the Great Escape and The Santa Claus(e).

6 - everyone collects Christmas catalogues from shops they don't usually use.

5 - half the supermarket freezers are full of turkeys and shelves are empty of bread.

4 - the pile of presents gets bigger in relation to the shrinking of my finances.

3 - I wander the shops looking for the perfect cards for my parents.

2 - I panic...not knowing what to get MB.

1 - The nagging feeling that once this is all over, it's only 12 months until we do it again!



carmilevy said...

The predictability of it all brings me immense comfort. I choose to look through the commercialism and instead see the traditions that families hold close as the holiday approaches. There's still much warmth to be had: we just need to look in the right places.

You, my friend, seem to have the gift of finding precisely where the important stuff resides.

All the best from Michele's. It's been a crazy work week, but coming back here has made my day.

Anonymous said...

I second number 1. Though this year I get to find out how Eid works. Hope you have Happy Holidays!

Michele sent me.

Minerva said...

And the excitement that builds...

Can't WAIT!! And yet the waiting is the best bit...


WendyWings said...

I am still not in full Christmas mode, maybe I have to get Mr wings birthday out of the way first :)
I am sorry to hear about your cousin and father :(

Mike said...

It seems the older I get the less time there is between Christmas's. You are right about the stores putting stuff out earlier and earlier. I was seeing Christmas stuff 2 weeks before Halloween this year.

Michele sent me

Anonymous said...

Michele sent me to see your commercials, We don't have grouse in the US nor do we have such a lovely Coca Cola commercial either, we have penguins & polar bears.!
Very nice.

Bilbo said...

Do they really wait until September to stock up with Christmas stuff? Here, it seems they start right after the Fourth of July! For me, the first sign of Christmas is my traditional ritual of asking Agnes what she wants for act which will be repeated without answer until I finally give up and buy whatever I want. Hope she likes mulch.

Bobkat said...

Oh yes, some of these definitley ringtrue. No. 9 is particularly apt for today, and yesterday, and the day before...[sigh].

Still my shrinking finances have menat I have nearly done all my xmas shopping [phew] and I got a nice one for you hon :)

Drop me a line, I hope to have some spare time after this week so we can get together if you like :)

Michele sent me this time but I was here earlier!