Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Widgets and Whales

Wow, nothing happens, then everything happens at once!

First of all, have you seen the new widget on my sidebar? It's a little fundraiser widget linked to my Race for Life fundraising page.

I have registered to take part in the 2008 Race for Life on 14th June at Lydiard Park (same as last year - here). I just pray it doesn't chuck it down with rain on the day (you can read more here)! This year I will be proudly wearing the name Minerva again, with the word WINNER next to it.
As the 'Race' is in June, there is plenty of time for all my friends and family to pledge or donate money to Cancer Research. This year I have set my target at £500, so I am hoping lots of people will sponsor me.
More on this later.
And cyberkitten and I have decided on the dates to visit Vancouver to see silentmum and Boo. Happily, the dates fall into the new whale-watching season - so we're gonna see some Orcas! I have never seen killer whales in real life - ever......this is HUGE!!
I'm just speechless with excitement.........



Melli said...

Yayyyy! I'll be doing Relay For Life again this year too -- with the Church this year, instead of with Curves. But it's always fun, and always WORTHWHILE!!!

Wow! Whale watching sounds SO much fun! I've never done it either... I have SEEN an orca -- but only at Sea World and NOT in it's natural environment! That would be SO cool!

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh!! Give me your dates give me your dates!! I want to see you while you're out here in Vancouver!!

Just think, if we meet up, I'll be able to show you bears!!

David Edward said...

of course I will; sponsor you again,
and for my part here, I will be a team leader for a MS WALK fund raiser in march. ( if the snow ever melts!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Good for you, Racing again, my dear! You are a wonderful friend and a wonderful daughter, too!