Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hugs is good...

I am a firm believer in hugs. I have lots of people to hug me and I value every single one I am lucky enough to receive.
As an aside, with bad stuff in my past, I prefer to initiate the first hug but once someone is huggable in my estimation they are welcome to hug me anytime.
Amongst the people that 'give good hug' are:
MB - who has always enveloped me in a safe and caring hug, shielding me from the mad bad world.
Bobkat - she was the first woman in many years I have voluntarily hugged and she gives loving hugs.
cyberkitten - like MB, his hugs are a safety zone.
sleepypete - as my pseudo-adopted son, Pete's hugs are like that of a loving son.

Most everyone in the Company of Chivalry are hugging people. Some are perfunctory; a brief show of affection, some are fun and energetic; a result of an irrepressible nature, and some are just perfect.
Our Sergeant at Arms - being a big chap is an enveloping hugger, one of the people whose arms I just walk into.
My 'husband' Brambles - another big man who gives comforting hugs.
George (Brambles' real life wife) - another woman who gives warm loving hugs.
My friend and 'apprentice' 'Maud' - we enjoy sisterly hugs.
Lord Hungerford Jnr ('Maud's' real life son) - we have perfected the three-way hug; him, his mum and his 'auntie cq'.
Kate - my best girlfriend in the company; I can just walk into her motherly arms.
My friend Matt - little brother hugs; starting off comforting and safe, ending in a chest-crushing bear hug.
Finally, when things are quiet and I am in bed with my book, I get the best hugs of all - my big nervous floofy cat Charlie burrows in beside me and hugs me for as long as he can.



Ladybug Crossing said...

Awww... I love kitty hugs. Oh.. and Zebbie hugs are pretty good, too. He's reading over my shoulder...

Melli said...

I looooooove this post! :)

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

I get hugs off the cats, but I think they just want my space!

Sleepypete said...

[biggrin] We prize a CQ hug even more than you prize ours :-)

Chrissea said...

Here from Michele's.
Have a great upcoming weekend... with lots of Hugs!

rashbre said...

hugs are good.

Lazy Daisy said...

Awww....sweet post...sending you virtual hugs all the way across the pond.

carmilevy said...

I'm a hugger, too, and I found myself nodding along to your every word here. There's just something so...human about reaching out to those around us.

It makes life better. Simple and better.

MaR said...


Jean-Luc Picard said...

A hug works wonders!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I think that last one is the Best! The Animal tyhis case, The Cat Hug! Nothing dearer or more genuine, is there?
I LOVE this post, dear CQ....I LOVE HUGS, too! They can be extremely healing.

Bobkat said...

I'm not a very huggy person on the whole, but for you I make an exception :)

Hug are good!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaw! I agree wholeheartedly...I'm a ((hugs)) person and everyone needs one sometimes!
Enjoyed your post!!

Bella :)

WendyWings said...

I am glad you have so many good huggers in your life !
Here is a virtual one from a Kiwi ((((HUGS)))
Hope you are having a great week, I am so slack at visiting apologies !!

David Edward said...

hugs from California
thanks for visiting