Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Alphabet Meme

I found this meme over at Bobkat's blog and couldn't resist having a go. Then she gave me the letter 'G' and my mind went blank! So I Facebooked a request for words beginning with 'G'. And now I have some good words....

Green - this is an important word today. My car has been off the road with some fairly serious work needed doing. MB has worked hard welding and repairing and today my car passed it's MOT (Ministry of Transport) test - and the paperwork is green! (A fail is red paperwork - nuff said!) I never liked green, but today it's my favourite colour! Not only that, but my trusty little car is green too! Not only is my car fabuloso, but it means no more grotty buses, getting to work in a fraction of the time, my own music, my own company.......LUSH!

Gorilla - I love gorillas. To be honest I love all apes, but gorillas have had a place in my heart since learning about Dian Fossey and the work she did in the Congolese mountains to protect the gorillas that became family to her - Digit, Peanut and the rest :-) Look into the big open face of a gorilla at rest and tell me that it ain't the most beautiful sight. The film 'Gorillas in the Mist' was good, but nothing comes close to the original film of Dian interacting with wild gorillas.

Gadgets - I don't do gadgets. I have a mobile phone, a laptop and an MP3 and in my kitchen I have a coffee machine and a moulinex mixer on a shelf - but that's the lot. I don't see the point in covering my kitchen counters with gadgets. When I make bread, I make it by hand, I grate cheese by hand - I don't recognise a lot of kitchen gadgets in the shops. I don't have a palm pilot, a Wii, an iPOD, a XBox, a satnav, hair tongs, curlers, straightners. I just don't do gadgets.

Gold - As I was walking back to the garage tonight to get my car's test result, I noticed the sun had just dipped behind the local hill and the sky in the area was lit up a bright gold colour. One of the things I love about doing my medieval re-enactment is the golds and pinks of sunset and sunrise. The wrongs in the the world pale Mother Nature provides us with such beauty.

Gang - well, this is no surprise. I have a gang - not bad for a 'not so young any more' woman. The Crazies is a bit of a weird gang, some of us blog, some of us facebook and all of us like silly films and getting together to argue and laugh, drink and eat and spend some quality time as a group.

Gaunt – as in John of Gaunt. English soldier and statesman the fourth son of King Edward III of England and brother of Edward the Black Prince. John of Gaunt inherited the Lancastrian land by marrying into the Lancaster family, John’s son Henry deposed Richard II and became King as Henry IV. Our rallying call in the medieval re-enactment is 'For God, King and Lancaster!' the main men in order of importance in 1370.

Update - extra one!

Grot/grunge/grime - a week or so ago, david (our man in the mountains!) asked about medieval re-enactment; 'do the smelly soldiers have a smelly sachet that they wear to simulate the stink or do they have to stop bathing to recreate the odor?' This made me smile and I remembered it today and grot/grunge/grime jumped into my head! By the end of a weekend re-enacting, most of us are getting a bit odorous! What with sleeping on the ground, canvas tents, wearing filthy clothes, living around a real fire, dirty hands and dirty faces - washing is a bit redundant while we are in camp. Most of us wait and then shower when we get home. So, david - the smelly soldiers are most definitely really smelly....along with the rest of us!

And finally, Ginger - had to have this one! Charlie is a dark ginger Maine Coon, William is a ginger and white shorthair and even MB is ginger, being a redhead! Perhaps I love surrounding myself with golden beings :-)

If you want to have a go, ask me for a letter.



OldLady Of The Hills said...

This is such a GOOD one. Filled with things I did not know before, even though I have known you now in our little blogging world for three years....GREAT, GOOD, GLAD I stopped by this GORGEOUS Afternoon, my dear!

Sleepypete said...

People think I do the gadgets in a big way too ... So they ask what I think of the latest satnav thing or expect me to have Blackberrys or iPhones and then get confused when they see a blank look :-)

I listened to a song called "Green" earlier ... and there's one coming up done by Gorillaz.

PS Gang hasn't raided the pizza shop for a while ... hinthinthint :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I totally have to do this one! Drop me a letter!!

Walker said...

G is for Good as in good post.
I have seen and read gorillas in the mist and it hard not to feel for them.

Bobkat said...

See, I knew you'd be Great :)

I'm afraid I like some gadgets as long as theya re useful, save time or make life easier. If they don't then they're a waste of time.

David Edward said...

that gives me a good
(scratch and sniff) picture of camp life.
Thanks for the answer

spring is ON THE WAY
I went paddling my kayak today, it was GOOD

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's a good challenge to find issues under a letter!

Bobkat said...

So glad your car passed it's exams :) No more awful buses! yay!

Hope you have a great weekend Hon!

Netchick sent me over this time.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I came here on my own yesterday, but now NetChick rebounds me back!