Friday, March 06, 2009

British Commercials

You know, we have to admit that the British make the best commercials in the world..

Car insurance is, of course, advertised by a meerkat...called Aleksander...


any ideas on how to advertise mobile telephones...? Let's Dance..

By the way - Aleksander Orlov, the Russian meerkat, is now a national hero in the UK, with his own Facebook, his own YooToob and plans for a blog. Oh, and '' is a real website - go visit



Sleepypete said...

Some good ones, some bad ones out there at the moment. The Meerkats one is good for its pure, simple, innocent charm :-)

Peugeot need to improve a bit. I've watched their one with the lady-in-black-dress and Ben Affleck clone on fast forward a few times and got curious. Until I heard the dialogue ... Ouchies ! Think I'll hit the mute switch next time and just look at lady-in-black-dress.

Netchick sent me this time :-)

David Edward said...

you do find cool stuff for us cq, thanks
chin up - knee work will get done and then you and your mates will be out slaying dragons again.

Kathryn said...

Funny commercials. I've always heard the Brits are good at this.

We don't watch them much & usually skip over.

Netchick sent me.

Bobkat said...

Annoyingly, when I visited the other week to compare meerkats, I kept getting a pop-up message asking me if I was serious about meerkats or if I wanted car insurance. Tsk!

Anonymous said...

have you seen the YouTube about how they made the T-mobile one? Fantastic!

I'm not so keen on the meerkats, personally, but appreciate its charm!


David Edward said...

the dance one is great what a lot of work that must have been
the bread smells YUMMY
i gave awat 1 loaf to the music teacher/conductor so I would not eat it all.