Saturday, March 21, 2009

*That* Day

This weekend is Mother's Day in the UK, a time to offer thanks to the mothers in our lives, and to celebrate the miracle of motherhood.
I don't like this big 'Day' simply because it is an annual reminder of my inability to have children. I know, I know; I have children in my life (most recently the little Aginoths) and have always had children around in one way or another.
But I have never been able to bear my own children and truly express my maternal instinct. My only acknowedged pregnancy ended in miscarriage and I was never able to sustain another - and 12 years ago I was diagnosed with problems that explained my barrenness.
But there is a boy in my life - well, he is a grown man, but he will always be 'my boy'. We have been friends for ten years and I love him dearly.

You can meet him here; his name is SleepyPete. When he heard about my problems a few years ago he hatched a plot to make me feel better each year.
Every Mother's Day I get a glorious bouquet to show how much I am still loved and appreciated despite my natural failings in the world of Motherdom.
Look at the pretty flowers my boy sent me this year! :-)

This weekend Pete is with his own family, making his mum's Mother's Day so special, but a little spirit of my boy is here with me, giving me a gentle floral hug....


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Mothering Sunday can be a difficult time for many, although joyful for others.

NatChick sent me here.

Sleepypete said...

My pleasure Hon :-)

Bobkat said...

They're beautiful :) He's a kind soul.

Needless to say, Bob hasn't got me anything again!

Netchick sent me over with hugs.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

We seem to be at Tanya's place a lot at the same time. NetChick bounced me here again.

carmilevy said...

As much as I appreciate everything my mom did for me, and everything my wife has done for our kids, I'm saddened that humanity often takes an all-or-nothing approach to certain things. Society ranks members of certain groups differently than it does others, and that's just plain wrong.

We all contribute to the world in different - and fascinating - ways. Who died and elected moms the be-all, end-all of humanity? I've seen caring and empathy in all sorts of folks, and their parenthood status is always irrelevant.

Beauty takes many forms. The planet needs to improve its ability to recognize it.

Tanya sent me to share a happy with you, CQ.

David Edward said...

Nothing says it like flowers
( or a snow ball, want some?)
You are blessed to have such a one as pete

David Edward said...

come and read, I guarantee a laugh

flleenie said...

Hey Craziequeen, Net chick kinda sent me...well that's not true. I sent myself!

I am inspired...