Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blog Fodder #3

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Before I start, my apologies for being SO late with this week's Blog Fodder!! As you saw, I have had some adult health issues to combat in the meantime!

Without further ado, this week’s topic was submitted by Judy, over at
Welcome to my World of Dreams.
Do you have any memories of a childhood illness?

We were exceptionally healthy as children, other than accidents or mishaps - partly due to the pint of full milk we had to drink every day. Very few illnesses or broken bones in our childhood. We were also expected to be on our deathbeds before our mother would let us stay at home sick.

There was german measles when I was very small, but I don't remember it - but apparently all four children were bunked up in one room!

I got chronic tonsillitis as a teenager, which was when I discovered my allergy to penicillin! I couldn't talk or barely breathe, but I managed to throw up convulsively when dosed with penicillin. In fact, I only made it as far as the window, not even to the bathroom. So, no more penicillin for me! I had a roaring fever and hallucinated and everything. I was really sick according to my mother - and I don't remember a thing about it!!

I know chicken pox is a prevalent virus but I never caught it. I have been around cases all my life, particularly being in childcare, but I have never contracted it. I found out about five years ago I am probably a carrier - as there is no way I could have been exposed so much and not caught it. Being a carrier of the virus, I'll be immune.... is this good or bad?



Anonymous said...

I didn't know if you carried the virus you were immune...interesting!

kenju said...

What horrible bruises you have! You must have fallen very, very hard, CQ.

I had chickenpox, so I think being immune is a good thing. Being a carrier - not so good!

Michele sent me.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I think that's good for you! Not sure how it is for others..(lol).
Childhood memories of illnesses...Great Topic! I would need about 10 pages...! (LOL)
I hope you are "healing" my dear...from those awful bruises and the pain....! UGH!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, I was just there on my own and now, Michele sent me back...!
That would be very hard to have to convince your Mom you are sick enough to stay home from school...!

Anonymous said...

As a kid we manage to get everythign under the sun but I guess we need it top stregthen our imune system.

I hope your arm is feeling better

Bobkat said...

Hi Hon. Still black and blue? Hope things are less painful now adn you are more yourself.

I had the ususal childhood illnesses: measles, chicken pox, tonsilitis (very bad like you) but the worse was bronchitis when I was 15. Damn near killed me!

Got better though :-)

Unknown said...

I've never heard of a chicken pox carrier.

I hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!

WendyWings said...

I got really sick with measles as a little one about 3 or 4 I remember being sooooo ill and my Mum bringing me lots and lots of fluids.

Judy said...

Hope you are feeling better from your fall... ya gotta be more careful, girl! I've not heard of being a carrier for chickenpox... but the same virus causes shingles. Have you ever had them? I did, a few years ago... on my face, no less. I looked like a gargoyle!

Le laquet said...

I'm not sure. So like me no measles, no mumps, no dreadful lurgy! Disgustingly healthy :o)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's quite a collection; there have been some nasty things over the years, like polio. Thankfully that's gone.