Sunday, March 25, 2007

Song for Sunday

This week's choice of song is an international favourite folksy number, indelibly linked to the film featured in the post below.......

"Craig and Charlie Reid never expected a hit single. They certainly never thought they'd see the same song climb the pop charts twice. But the Proclaimers, a Scottish rock band fronted by a pair of spectacled, nerdy-looking brothers, has based its fame on the success of a single song.

Many people don't even know the name. But start singing the words to "I'm Gonna Be" and a lot of folks will smile and join in the refrain: "Oh, I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more, Just to be the man who walked 1,000 miles to fall down at your door."
Sound familiar? The irreverent love song, appropriately subtitled "500 Miles," hit the charts after the release of their 1988 album, Sunshine on Leith. Then, after a successful world tour, the furor died down and the Proclaimers disappeared from view. They shot back into the limelights in 1993, not because of a new recording, but because their five-year-old hit rocketed back onto the charts after appearing in the movie Benny and Joon."

This version was released this year for Comic Relief with comedians Peter Kaye and Matt Lucas. The Brits reading this should recognise most of the audience!

I love this song, and am one of those people in the article quoted above, who sing along after the first line.....



David Edward said...

you brits have ALWAYS smashed american humor to bits, and here you go again.
Cq, I would walk 500 steps to hear your lovely accent. seems I'm a pushover for that UK twang.
terrific video, Thank google for youtube!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Love It! I don't know that song but it makes you want to just get up and dance, or at the very least---MOVE around! (lol)
Delightful, my dear....I wish I knew who all those folks in the audience are...Not a clue of course.
Wonderful Sunday Musical Video!

Anonymous said...

You know, I don't know that song *Bites lip and looks ashamed* but I absolutely LOVED that video.

I recognised most people in the audience and it was lovely to see members of the Coronation Street cast having a ball too!

Thanks so much for sharing.

Pssst, I have a new bloggy! I'll email the address to you cuz it's kinda a secret lol.

carmilevy said...

This is one of those songs that can stick in my head and keep me dancing and toe-tapping all day. Talk about a monumental, anthemic tune!

You've totally brought me back today. Thanks!

Bobkat said...

I also remember 'Letter from America' which was another song of theirs.

Did you know The Proclaimers are still together as an act?!

keda said...

heeheee, and old boyfriend of mine made their original videos! and a few of take thats first numbers ;)

good song.

i hope you are feeling a little better sweetheart. take care of your back baby. sorry it's so sore :(

David Edward said...

i showed it to my teenaged son, we both laughed
THAT is worth a lot of gold, thanks again for the laughs. I think i will watch it one more time.