Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Afternoon at the Movies

I missed my regular slot of Saturday Night at the Movies, but this is definitely an afternoon film anyway.

Anyone been wondering why I haven't been featuring JD? Well, today is the day. Creating possibly one of Johnny's most popular creations, Sam, this film pays loving homage to his favourite silent screen actor, Buster Keaton. With the dancing bread rolls, and Sam swinging from a bosun's chair, it can only be the magical wonderful and gorgeous 'Benny and Joon' (1993). Is there ANYONE who hasn't seen this masterpiece illustration of life with psychological disorders, in this case dyslexia and schitzophrenia?

The bones from imdb:
In a small town, an auto mechanic named Benny is devoted to taking care of his mentally ill sister, Joon, who can barely function alone in the real world despite being a talented artist. This relatively stable situation is shaken up when Benny is obliged in a poker game to welcome another player's relative, Sam, to his home for a few days. When Sam arrives, he quickly makes an impression with his quietly eccentric ways which emulate the antics of the great silent movie comedian, Buster Keaton. Without Benny's full knowledge, Sam and Joon finds themselves drawn to each other to the fullest degree. However when Benny finds out, it creates a rift in the siblings as they struggle to accept their relationship is profoundly changing with the presence of this odd newcomer.
But this in no way describes the impact of this film. Every moment, from Sam travelling on the train, to him struggling to write his name, to the painting lesson, to Joon defending herself, to Sam teaching her to make toasted cheese sandwiches, is a moment of charm and wonder. This film is a constant delight and opened eyes to what Johnny could do, acting-wise, supported strongly with Mary Stuart Masterson and Aiden Quinn. This is quite possibly right up there in my top ten movies of all time.
Can Sam come and stay at my house?


Karen said...

Here from Michele's to say I love JD.

...this one's on my list!

David Edward said...

have I told you recently how much i enjoy playing with George, your purple kitty? He is a cutie!

carmilevy said...

Mine, too. I saw this in a theatre with my wife. It's one of the few movies where you walk out afterward and feel as if your view of the world has changed.

This was an incredibly powerful experience. Thanks for reminding me of it.

Anonymous said...

I love me some JD. I've not seen this movie though but now I'm going to make it a point to do so. Thanks for sharing this with us.

It's good to "see" you again CQ. I've missed visiting.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I must say I haven't seen it, CQ. Thanks for telling me about it.

Michele sent me.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I am deeply ashamed. *hiding head under arm*...
I Have Never Seen This Film....
I apologize and will correct this gross error with my next Netflix order...Please forgive me, dear Johnny... (And Please forgive me, dear CQ, too...)