Sunday, April 29, 2007


Well, yesterday was good. The bread came out ok (still learning!) and a loaf went to the Aginoths.
I didn't get any archery practice 'cos Vic didn't bring her bow and the draw is too heavy for me on the other longbows they have.
But a nice afternoon chatting followed by a bit of a barbeque and then some adult time chatting in the lounge made for a lovely time anyway - and gives my bruises more time to heal!

The sun is shining here, the Sunday dinner is all done and I'm about to start the ironing. Then I'm off to see 'Next' tonight with the gang. I'm not a huge fan of Nicolas Cage, although he is ok, but the film has had positive reviews. Anything has to be better than 'Blades of Glory'!

Next week is my last full week in the office for about three weeks - I have scrounged a week or so off, including time off around the Italy trip. I intend to sleep a lot..... :-)



Jean-Luc Picard said...

'Next' has had a lot of bad reviews, CQ.

Can you get into Michele's blog? I can't!

kenju said...

CQ, I hope you liked the movie, no matter what JL said....LOL

I got into Michele's using Bloglines, but when I try to click on it in my favorites list, or my blogroll, it goes to an ad site.

Michele sent me!

Bobkat said...

Hi Hon,

Glad you had a good weekend and pleased you don't have any more bruises - though I do! Ouch!

You'll have to let me know how 'Next' is!

Hopefully see you before you leave for Italy. It is so cool that youa re going!