Thursday, May 24, 2007

Home Again - and Again

Yep, dear reader - I am home. Delayed a bit at Bergamo airport, but home.
I was going to blog on Tuesday, but had to dash off to Birmingham for work. Then I was going to blog when I got home last night but I wasn't feeling so hot.....
Today I have swollen tonsils and a temperature, but it's about time I popped in to say 'hi'.

Re-enactment in Italy in amazing, truly wonderful. It was incredibly hot and sticky in the field, and the mozzies were horrendous, but the event was one I'll treasure for a long time. Of course, my life became so much better when I found a porcelain 'sittie' toilet (most public toilets are 'squatties') - some 'luxuries' are hard to forego.

The food was provided by the Italians, and mostly comprised bread, sausages, cabbage and apples. Vintner did a fabulous job of making breakfast, lunch and dinner every day out of the minimal provisions.
This was the view from our camp..

Isn't it idyllic?

I like this photo - it sums up life in camp. It reflects the whole 'immersion' principle of re-enactment.

You can see all my photos on my flicker account here.

This excellent photo is stolen from Aginoth's photos. From the left, preparing for the night tournament: Lord Thomas Hungerford (aka Gary), Thomas Hungerford Junior (aka Si) and, our little man, Page to Thomas Hungerford Jr (aka Aginoth Jr.)Now, who wouldn't want to play at cool soldiers like this??



Juggling Mother said...

He's such a big boy when I give him cuddle in the 21st cetury - but h looks so little and sweet in the 14th:-)

Unknown said...

Hey CQ

I haven't been around in a while, Ive not been to clever in my head ;( the re-enactment looks like fun ;) I think I'll have a good look around at your flickr photo's it looks really entertaining.

Be Well

Here via Michle

RC said...

Great pics, Craziequeen! I always wanted to play in a renaissance fair, but most of them are too far.

Hi, Michele sent me!

Bobkat said...

So glad you had a great time in Italy. :)

Sorry you're not feeling so hot now. I know the feeling! Hope you feel better soon! Look after yourself and that's an order! :)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

What a great time you had! The pictures do give one a real feeling of what is happening around the re-enactment...'the down time' so to speak....!
Hope you feel better very very soon, my dear....You were missed!

Catherine said...

It looks like you had a great time. Hope the throat is better soon. Here from Michele's (and up way past my bedtime!)

David Edward said...

welcome back - get well, quickly!

Anonymous said...

Hope your tonsils un-swell quickly, it sounds like you had a wonderful time in Italy! What beautiful pictures too.
Here from Micheles.

utenzi said...

I'm very impressed, CQ. Somehow you managed to build a time machine. Good work!

I've not had to use a "squattie" since I was bicycling around Crete back 20 years ago. I remember thinking that it was a rather crude way to do things. LOL I suspect my knees would object a lot more now than they did then.

Michele and I hope you feel better soon, CQ.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele sent me. That looks like an adventure. Bet some great conversations develop there.