Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stuff and Thoughts

Crikey!! I just caught sight of my clicker and saw it has been exactly 7 months since I had a cigarette.
According to the experts I should have no more cravings - wrong...the cravings are still there.
According to the experts I should be less out of breath - wrong...still wheezing and out of breath.

I have done this before (I lasted 18 months last time) which is why I am not presuming to refer to myself as a non-smoker or even an ex-smoker. I am and always will be a recovering smoker. I could dump this tomorrow and buy a pack o' tabs.

In the meantime, my kit has been dropped off for the lorry. And we have just been told by the Italians we will be dropped back in Milan 9 hours before the flight home - any ideas to kill 9hrs, you jetsetting bunch??

And some more thoughts on re-enactment:
Mrs Aginoth:
like the others, lots of reasons: the historical side of things is interesting, researching & learning about how things were done. And learning to do stuff myself - so much more interesting than doing a history course at college And along those lines, the fact that it is interactive with the public - brings out the teacher in me and the gossip it's a good reason to spend my weekends playing instead of doing mundane 21st cetury things.
It's a way of seeing new places, new people, learning about new things.
It gets the kids outside every weekend instead of whinging about playing on the wii! It gives them an interest in history, and therefore an understanding of the way the world works and hopefully an interest in the world as it is tody, and will be tomorrow! It teaches them how to research, and why it's important to understand the whole issue in any situation, rather than just do it because we do it.
And fundamentally, because its fun.

and she asked Master Aginoth why he enjoys it:
So I can do nice things - like fighting.
It's better than playing on the wii, because it's real life.
Computers are not real life, so doing is better than playing.
Also, because its good to learn things, and knights and fighting are good things to learn about.



Uisce said...

7 months, that's fantastic -- I'm so proud of you!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well done on lasting for seven months.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

CONGRATS on 7 months, my dear! I know other people who feel as you do----And still miss it. Thank God, I am no longer one of those people...But it took some time. And for whatever it is worth, now, I don't even know how I could have ever smoked, in the first place! But....it has been many many years!

MILAN....Well, I think I might want to go to a Wonderful Restaurant for a bit of the "authentic"...! I love Italian food, and especially, the real thing....Not a very exciting suggestioon, but....That is what I would do....And it could be a very very lesiurely meal, at that! (lol).

I am finding all the answers to my question, veery very wonderful and informative...Including Master A'.! It seems too, that in their case, this is a womderful thing they can ALL do together as a family, and it has many side benefits for the children, doesn't it? I had no idea that that one question would now lead me to many other questions....(See comment in the previous posts....)
You have really gotten into this CQ and with a full heary and committment! Your sewing skills have been perfected because of this, too, yes?
By the way...if there is a Website that anserrs my other questions I will be happy to go there and read about it...But I am loving the answers to my original questions coming from people you know...!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

WITH A FULL HEART....Not heary...LOL!
I don't know what it is about the word ANSWERS...I am always leaving out the W even when I THINK I've included it!!!! OY OY OY!

muffinmidi said...

Congratulations on making it seven months without a smoke.My moher can'y make it seven minutes without lighting up.
I studied Medieval & Renaissance literature and history in college and recently have been reading up on the Tudors for a writing project I'm doing. I think it's exciting that you do reenactments and will check back for more details. I like to go to reenactments and faires. There are several held each year near where I live in Florida.
Feel free to visit my cat's blog.