Friday, August 10, 2007

Movie I Seen

I went to see the Simpsons Movie last night. I have promised myself this movie for ever and saved my movie pennies for it.
I thought it was a fun diversion. There was a bit of a story, not too bad, but just like a three part episode.
On the plus side we got to see the entire cast of the Simpsons - all 300 and something.....except, of course, Maude Flanders (of course, we all know what happened to her!)...
The film started well, with a brilliant joke about films of regular TV shows. And the gang built on our already strong passion for Homer and Bart's stupidity. I never looked at my watch and even felt sorry as the film drew to a conclusion.

If you haven't been yet, I recommend staying through the credits. Not only have they credited every character of Hank Azaria (I ADORE this man!!)
Harry Shearer (probably the two most prolific voices), they also expanded the regular credits with lots of made up names in the credits, to make it look 'Movie'. And added in some credit extras, which'll make you smile.

I can't stop humming 'Spiderpig, Spiderpig, does whatever a Spiderpig does....'

Fun story, good characterisations, familiar faces and some laughs - 87 minutes well spent!



Thumper said...

LOL...I had "Spiderpig" going through my head for the rest of the day after we saw it; I loved the choral version at the end. And I holwed laughing hearing Marge spew the big GD...

It was just a long TV episode, but funny as hell.

Here via Michele's today!

Anonymous said...

I've never been a huge Simpson's fan... but I do enjoy watching an episode here and there.

Michele sent me today!

carmilevy said...

We saw the movie with our kids last week in honor of our munchkin's birthday. It was kinda light in the plot development department, but they were happy that we went. That, in the end, is all I really wanted.

Hey, I wanted to let you know that your comment about missing the hot air balloon picture resonated in my mind. We went to the hot air balloon festival last week, and as I stood right under a rising balloon and shot a really neat geometric-looking image, I thought of you. I knew that THAT was the image that I would upload, and that you'd find it neat.

It's online now: I hope you'll drop by and I hope you'll know that I was wishing you only good thoughts as I squeezed the trigger.

Such coolness, this technology!

WendyWings said...

My little one has been singing spiderpig all week and she hasn't even SEEN the movie lol. Glad you enjoyed it, I have yet to see it and probably won't until it comes out on dvd :)
Have a great week, finally doing some catch up, I decided my blogworld had been neglected for long enough so back full force now.

Anonymous said...

I havent been to the movies in ages.. I think hubby would like this one though.. lol..

here via Michelle this evening.. er morning..

rob said...

You forgot to mention Bart cockandballs.


Jake Silver said...

I can't wait to see this one!!