Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sundry Thoughts

It's raining - again......another wet summer. Apparently this is global warming. I don't think much of it.

[update: this was filmed this morning.... gee look! More rain!]

[and still more rain - this afternoon.....]

I must be a moron. Not only do I get addicted to a pastime that involves one of my least favourite chores, sewing, but it's an outdoor pastime!

We haven't had an event for a few weeks now, and I am looking longingly at wooden stools, fleeces, knives and my jug.

Did I mention the rain?

When you manage a coffee shop and play music full volume, it's to be expected that your staff will get orders wrong and annoy customers. 'No! Not a latte, A-MER-I-CAN-O!'

Why does the cinema only have one coffee machine - when they have at least two of everything else?

Sod's Law states that cq will queue for ten minutes for a Fanta Freeze, only to be told when ordering that the machine is broken - so, no one can write 'Out of Order' on a piece of paper?

Sod's Law states that out of the four automated ticket machine cq will pick the one that eats cards - again, can no one write three little words?

It's still raining.....

William is settling in, although I am not overly won on him yet. He and Charlie love playing Thundering Herd of Elephants - especially on the bed at 4am.

[Naomi asked for a photo - so here he is.......]

MB says fondly that that's what cats do - he can afford to be fond.......I am the insomniac who gets up with the restless cats to keep them company while he sleeps on.

I am beginning to think cyberkitten is Sheldon's twin brother (Big Bang Theory).

Last week the phrase 'details on my blog' was said in one of UK's top soaps - Blogger has arrived!

My boss has approved my request to attend the City and Guilds 7303 training - the first step to a teaching qualification.

I have been told I have a good intructing technique - fun, but factual. Time will tell.



Bobkat said...

Hi Hon. Yep, it's blimmin' raining again :( Sounds like your latest trip to the cinema was a bit trying. I went to see Kung Fu Panda and had a load of fun watching it :)

I am back in office next week - first week in my new job. Hope to catch up with you soon!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I cannot believe the huge amounts of Rain you have had this year....And it is STILL coming down....WOW! I know you must be longing to be out there doing your "thing" on the weekends....if it would just stop raining for a minute and a half!!
Will we be seeing pictures of William any time soon? I look forward to that. He sounds so cute!
It seems that going to the movies is not quite as much fun as it used to be...Oh Dear!
Hope your next visit will be a lot better!

CyberKitten said...

CQ said: I am beginning to think cyberkitten is Sheldon's twin brother (Big Bang Theory).

If *only* I was that smart.... [laughs]

Hey... I'm a pedant. I can't help myself criticizing silly things in movies... [grin]

Walker said...

I don't know why they call it global warming when we are getting soaked or floaded. Should called Global wetting.

Don't think of it a sewing. Thinkik of it as stabbing the enemy with a tiny sword.

When you go to a place that has very loud music then wait for the waiter/waitress to comeover to take your order and just move your lips without making any sound and watch them go crazy.

If to many people drank coffee they would stay awake during the movie and tell others the truth about how bad it was and no one else would go.

It's a ploy for you to buy a coke instead.

I better stop here, I need another coffee......

Mrs. Falkenberg said...

Hello from Michele's place!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Global Soaking more than Warming, CQ.

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

We tend to have "Thundering herd of elephants" (e.g. cats) at night, just after we've dropped off!

Melli said...

LOL! We are having a very wet year so far too -- but I'm not complaining! Of course, I'm not accustomed to dressing up in costume and heading out into the nether regions to "play" of a weekend either! I am sO sorry the weather is not cooperating with you - especially when YOU are doing your duty with needle and thread to be prepared should the rain ever stop!

I do think William is adorable... however. IF he were to play Thundering Heard of Elephants upon MY bed at 4:00 am HE would be strictly BANNED from the boudoir!

Good luck with your training!

Le laquet said...

Are you ready for the shouts of "miss, help miss!" Are you?

Shephard said...

Love the photo.
Thundering herd of elephants. I like that. That must be similar to what my cats do at 4am... they throw 10 pound bags of potatoes down the stairs.

Cats modify their behavior after they settle in... it will be interesting to see how he warms up. :)


carmilevy said...

It's about to start raining here as warming is the absolute pits no matter where we are on the globe!

I remember when our cat, Shadow, would wake up in the middle of the night and decide to start playing. On my head.

I miss him. As traumatized as I was whenever he jarred me awake in that manner, I had to smile just knowing that he was there. It was comforting.

Uisce said...

I wonder if your Americano is the same as our Americano. hmmm.

David Edward said...

long live the Queen of the crazies
( your loyal servant)

Bilbo said...

If you ever feel like you need more rain, we can send you quite a bit from here! Have a great day! Bilbo.