Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today we had a Very Important Visitor.

The Visitor had dedicated security staff to ensure no one got too close or touched it.

The Visitor sat in glory while the adoring masses gathered for a souvenir photo.

The Visitor helped us to raise hundreds of pounds for charity.

The Visitor was aloof and did not so much as make a sound.

The Visitor was unmoved by all the people desperate to be seen next to it.

Our Visitor was..........The Premiership Trophy - um, this thing......

To put it into perspective for my US readers - this is the British equivalent of the Super Bowl trophy.

I didn't get this excitement - it's just a cup.

The security man tried to explain the wonderfulness that is the Premiership Trophy - solid silver yadda yadda, solid malachite base blah blah....but it didn't make much impact on me.

On the plus side, there were enough football fans who wanted their photo taken with this piece of metal to raise hundreds of pounds for the Help for Heroes charity (see here).

So, I don't get the whole 'trophy' thing - but I do get the wonderful fundraising for our injured troops.



Walker said...


It's amazing how something so simple could represent so much.
I had the chance to hold the Stanley Cup once and I it felt great especially since i didn't have to get battered half to death for the chance

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Indeed, Indeed! It is kind of Amazing that so many people want their picture taken with an inanimate object--All-be-it, a VI! But as you said...It's great that this is raising a lot of money for those wonderful fighting men!

Anonymous said...

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