Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eh? What's a blogparty...?

Blogparties are the ultimate social event, bringing people together from across the world to a single place during a single time. All you have to do is ensure the guests know the time differences!
A couple of years ago blogparties were all the rage. It's hard to believe we have some new bloggers in the blogiverse that have never been to a blogparty!

In this time of financial insecurity a blogparty is a great way to have a party for nothing. All you need is an imagination - the wilder the better.
The clothes are free, the food is free, the drink is free - not even a babysitting bill! The host doesn't need to worry that there is enough food, drink, chairs, room to move around.
There is no expense to get there (other than your broadband or dial-up) and while you are there you can still do chores, keep an eye on the family or even watch your favourite TV show!

In addition, there is no sense of over-eating, diets can be forgotten and there is no hangover. All the guests and staff are virtual, so pretty much anything goes - in tune with the 'rating' of the blog (family-friendly, modest, adult).

The Palace used to hold some fab blogparties, and in this era of uncertainty, I decided it's time to blow the cobwebs with another one!

[click] Open Invitation



Bobkat said...

Morning Hon. Of course being a well seasoned blogger I remember the parties adn the added blonus si there is no clearing up to do either! I even hosted one myself once!

I am sure yours will be wonderful.

Of course we have a mini party every weekend when we do teh M&G at Netchickcs which is where I have just been ;)

Walker said...

I just sobered up from one and am ready for another but no more food please.
Ok maybe a dbl chocolate muffin.

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

I actually have the house to myself that weekend! :)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I look so forward to this, my dear....I remember the first "Virtual" party of yours that I went to--IT WAS FABULOUS! is a joy to know you will be doing this once again, for all of us old!
I have been checking out "frocks"...Or should I say FROCKS, in capital letters...And at some point I will be posting it on my blog with your wonderful invite!

Melli said...

Ohhhhh I can't WAIT! I think I've found my dress - but I do still want to look in that little boutique across town! And then I need to get to the millinery... and I wonder if I can find matching shoes or if I'll need to get them dyed.... OH SO MUCH TO DO!!!!

Anonymous said...

all over to your place, then, Nikki-Ann!

Anonymous said...

Wow!Godd Luck in your blogparty!

carmilevy said...

This is delightful. I'll be away from my PC through Saturday night, but I'll try to pop in from my BlackBerry. Whatever tool works, eh?