Saturday, April 04, 2009

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

The hospital date for my knee arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) is now set for 22 April. Everything is in place; work has been juggled around and meetings cancelled, my boss is content and MB has been given three days special leave to help out with his poor crippled wifelet afer surgery. The surgery will be followed by a period of sick leave, probably two weeks according to those in the know, and it'll be two months until my knee is fully recovered.

Before I got my letter I was miserable because my knee hurt and had hurt for a long time and I didn't know when it would get fixed. I found my knee would get inflamed after any kind of effort, which is why I ended up on crutches for two months with a fluid-filled knee.
I was unhappy because it was looking like I would miss a lot of the re-enactment season and that was not a nice prospect as I have fallen in love with the life of a re-enactor. But if I can't bend my knee I can't live rough......

Now I know I am booked in for surgery I should be thrilled but I have a whole lot of new worries. The paperwork says I'll be having a general anaesthetic. I've only had GA once and it made me terribly sick; I threw up for days! Also, like everyone else, I hate hospitals and anything remotely connected with those places - except the people; I have been looked after by some wonderful (if horribly overworked) nurses and doctors. I am scared the surgery will be that small percent that is not totally successful. I am worried that the arthritis in my knees may affect the results. I am concerned that I may be one of the few patients who have to stay in hospital overnight. I am worried how I will cope after the surgery and hate the prospect of being dependent on MB.

So many worries, so little time.....

Of course, I still have crazie decisions to make.....which book to take to read while I'm waiting/recovering - and, more importantly, which teddy bear to take!



utenzi said...

Netchick sent me over to see you, CQ.

3 weeks is a long time to be spent worrying but I can't blame you. I'd worry about it too. At least this way you should be in faily good shape by June. Maybe that bad reaction to GA was a one time thing. Good luck with that, CQ. And I'm sure MB just loves to coddle you. :-)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You can't do anything about it, so try and put it out of your mind. Good luck, CQ.

Sleepypete said...

If you let 'em know about the bad reaction to the GA from last time, that should let them see if they need to figure out something alternative ...

Hope it goes ok :-)

Netchick sent me - this time :-)

Mike said...

Crazie I am a nurse anesthetist and have been doing anesthesia since 1991. Let your anesthesia provider know that you had problems with nausea on your prior surgery. There are several very good medications for post op nausea that can be given. Be aware that if you were nauseous for several days after a prior surgery it may not have been the anesthesia but the post op pain meds you were taking that made you ill. It is also possible that you could have your knee surgery with spinal or epidural anesthesa and only light sedation. This way you could avoid the nausea that general anesthesia causes in some people.

I hope things go well for you.

Netchick sent me.

carmilevy said...

I wish I had written down my thoughts when I was a child: I practically grew up in the hospital, had more surgeries than I dare remember and had my share of wild GA experiences.

If I had a written anthology of this period of my life, I'd have e-mailed the whole thing to you to bring you some sense of comfort.

Instead, I'm marking the 22nd on my calendar, and will send quiet thoughts of healing your way. I'm thrilled that you've been given this opportunity to finally put the pain behind you. We're all pulling for you to overcome this next challenge with the same pluck and grace you've always had.

David Edward said...

be brave, take the LARGE teddy bear, be upfront about your need to hug someone squishy. Will pray for you and the staff.

Bobkat said...

Hon, having been through the whole hospital thing myself very recently I *know* how you feel. Tell yourself this every day:

'It WILL be fine and soon it will all be over and I WILL be better'. Becasue it is true. Stop worrying about the stats, about the % who experience this or that as it is meaningless. You won't know how it is for YOU until it happens. I am hoping for the very best result and am on stand by :)

You have been through much worse in the past so you will get through this too. And your knee will be better afterwards. That has to be good, despite the short term unpleasantness :) {hugs}

rashbre said...

I'm please to see you are also considering the best book and bear to take along. Kind of thinking past the op itself. Like Carmi I'll add it to my calendar for a quiet thought on the day.

Best rashbre

Bilbo said...

Good luck! I know how long you've been waiting for this to finally happen. Take a larger teddy bear in case you have to stay overnight, and buy yourself a nice new book for the occasion. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you well! Bilbo.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I truly do know how you are feeling inthe "worry" departmet. I'm so glad you have MB, truly...Je understands and he wants to be there for you---Let Him!

It's been such a long time since I have been here and since you have been to visit me.....Things change. Times change. But I always think of you and care about what is happening to you.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I truly do know how you are feeling inthe "worry" departmet. I'm so glad you have MB, truly...Je understands and he wants to be there for you---Let Him!

It's been such a long time since I have been here and since you have been to visit me.....Things change. Times change. But I always think of you and care about what is happening to you.

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