Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm feeling a little more human today, blimey that general anaesthetic don't half take it out of you!

First job of the morning is to change my dressings and check my knee for swelling etc (I have icepacks if it does swell). My knee was very sore last night and this morning I was not impressed to find a large blood blister under one hospital provided plaster and a sore patch under the other. So I have cleaned the knee with antiseptic, pinched the blister and replaced the adhesive dressings with gauze and a full bandage. Gotta love cheap plasters! I have now given MB a shopping list of better quality dressings and antiseptic wipes.

Sitting down and getting up are painful, as is just getting started walking. The knee eases with movement but then just as quickly deteriorates. I have a nice cocktail of painkillers through the day, but they make me nauseous so I take them reluctantly.

Isn't it strange how life goes on in the big wide world yet, in my little convalescent life the world seems to have stopped. Texts come and go, I log into Facebook to check in with friends, emails are swapped, but life is in limbo here. I'm not complaining, although it is a weird sensation to realise you have been staring at a wall for three hours.....



Melli said...

Yea... I HATE recouperating from ANYthing - but especially when I'm immobile. You DO feel like life has stopped - or it's passing you by! And I do not like life passing me bY! LOL! I'm sure you don't either! It was GREAT to see you over on my blog this morning! Glad you could hobble that far! You are prayed up kiddo! Now heal!

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Ouch! I hope the knee heals quickly! :)

CyberKitten said...

i think you should take your time off work as a *well* deserved rest..... [grin]

Kimm said...

Ouch! Hope you have a speedy recovery.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Take very good care, my dear, and don't overdue---It's not really worth the cost....!
Let MB and the cats help heal you with their tender caring....!

carmilevy said...

I used to think the same thing when I was a kid and would spend weeks at a time in a sixth floor hospital room overlooking Montreal. I could hear the traffic below and see the hub hub of a busy city. I knew my dad was out there somewhere, working and doing the things that dads do. I also knew my mom was home with my siblings, looking after them and ensuring they got to and from school and other activities.

And there I sat. It was usually so quiet, so lonely, that it seemed surreal that we could all be part of the same world.

Crazy what you remember from when you were five years-old!

Hoping each day brings you a little closer to being all better. But in the meantime, I'm with CyberKitten: enjoy the quiet time, for we never seem to get enough of it!