Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ready to Go

Well, I'm all packed ready for the hospital tomorrow. Even though it is 'day' surgery they say to bring an overnight bag in case you have to stay.
I splurged and bought the aforementioned new purple dressing gown and some dinky new slippers, so I'll be the best dressed patient on the ward!

I have chosen a suitable companion for my brief stay - it is one of my Bear Factory (what is now Build a Bear) bears, Frostie, who has his own pyjamas and dressing gown so he's all ready to go.

And I have packed a nice big book to occupy my mind while I am waiting my turn..Like most people, I don't like hospitals and get very weepy when I think about it. So I'm blanking out in front of the TV tonight and trying not to think about tomorrow morning.



MaR said...

You chose the best company to go to the hospital. You will be fine, hope you are sent home today.
::fingers crossed::

Bobkat said...

You will be back at home wondering why you were so worried by the time you read this, I'll wager. Yes, you may feel sleepy and be in a bit of post op discomfort but now the healing starts! Fingers crossed it's a speedy one :)

Anonymous said...

you'll be back at home by now and I hope you enjoyed Canterbury Tales!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good luck, CQ. I see you have everything you need.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are OK and get well soon.

Chris B