Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nailed it......!

First of all - a footnote to my last thousands of others, my boss has been stranded in Nairobi for the last week. Sounds idyllic, but it's not. I notice from the news that the airlines, travel agents, insurance companies and hotels have *not* been working together to manage the situation........typical. Now come on, you big business - help out the little man for a change!!

OK, now to my stuff :-)

Yesterday I delivered three different presentations in the space of two hours.

The first one was 'How to Deliver an Effective Introduction Brief to a Meeting'. Sounds boring? Well, you have to remember I am a H&S officer :-) And it was a ten minute presentation!
On the plus side, lots of the audience were nodding, looking inspired or taking notes - so some of it hit home.

Presentation number two was 'Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment'. European law requires that suitable risk assessment is undertaken with computer workstations. So I did a quick whistlestop tour of the risk assessment and what the employer and the employee would be looking for. Again, not a funky topic, but they smiled a lot, took notes, referred to my handouts and asked lots of intelligent questions. And they laughed at my jokes - no, honestly......I come complete with jokes! I find people are more responsive and learn more when humour is included.

My final presentation was 'Life in the 14C' - and most of the room stayed for this optional extra. Using the photos I blogged recently, I talked about the different people, trades and life in general in the 14C, told stories, explained the appeal of re-enactment.
I knew I had hit home when, while looking at the stuff I brought in for them to see, one of the women asked if everything was sewn by hand in the middle ages....'..seeing as there weren't any sewing machines......?' she queried.
And no, I didn't laugh........honest.



Blair said...

Well hello from Vancouver!

It sounds like you have a very interesting job! I would have loved to see your presentation on How to Deliver an Effective Introduction Brief to a Meeting.

Do you have it online? It is also great that you nailed it in 10 minutes...were you talking very fast?

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I love that womans quesztion...! Duh!!
I bet you had fun sharing the 14C! And I bet they all had a great time hearing about it, too....!

As to Big Business and the Little Guy...When will they ever give a damn? You would think....Oh well...Nothing really changes where these things are concerned, does it?

craziequeen said...

Blair - it's easy. List the important things you need to tell your meeting right at the start; fire evacuation, nearest washrooms, smoking policy, first aid access....and then spend a couple of minutes explaining each.

Nay - they really did seem to enjoy it and the organisers were so positive afterwards. I took a few bits and pieces in like my knives, bowls, spoons, rosary, pouch, the coin dies, an example of chain mail and my precious big jug for them to touch and explore after the talk.
My jug was much admired and coveted by many :-)


Melli said...

ROFL! HOW did you NOT laugh? You're goooooooood! I would have split a gut! :) Congrats on sO much success!

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Some people do ask some funny questions! :D

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhhhh CRAZY QUEEN! I just came from visiting my friend Gattina's blog - and she went to a re-enactment at a castle in Belgium this weekend - and blogged it! You will want to run over and see I am sure - so here's the link!

Walker said...

Busy like a beaver a see.
When you get questions it means they are listening which is a good sign

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Ten minuters is a long time.

Anonymous said...

with no sewing machines and possibly not by hand - how on earth else did she think it was done? staples?

Anonymous said...

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