Friday, April 02, 2010

Novels and History

Visitors to my story store will know I haven't published any stories lately or even continued with my novel. Unfortunately writers block has hit me and I haven't been able to exercise my imagination and put it to paper.
It's annoying because I know my novel is nearly finished - and I would love to finish it and even perhaps publish it.
I have had a couple of short stories published in the 'We are the Kitties' anthologies, written by and for blogging cats. Seeing my name (albeit my online persona) in print was such a thrill.
Anyway, in the meantime, I have posted a short story I knocked out one day after watching one of my favourite episodes of Star Trek! :-) So pop on over and have a look.

As we speak, I am putting together my kit for the first re-enactment event of the season - even though it is cold and miserable outside. Will you look at this bloody rain! Throw in some hail, thunder and lightning and that was the weather today!

Keep your fingers crossed the weather improves for the Easter weekend and we have a good start to the 2010 year!
I nipped out in a break in the rain/hail storm to work out how to put the seats down in my new car and took the chance to load some kit before the rain started again.....will you look at that space?? Positively echoes in that car!
Of course, it'll look fuller when it's full of medieval tent, a case full of kit and clothes, poles and pegs :-)



Melli said...

Ohhhhhhhh GOOOOOD! Your season begins! I thought SO much of you last year when I took Luz to her first RenFaire! And we had such a good time together! She's the only member of the family I could get to go with me!!! LOL!

I hope your writer's block ends soon - that can be so frustrating!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Time to get unblocked!

Walker said...

Hope the weather is kind to you on the first day of your reenactment season.

I am sure your writers block will go away and you will finish your book