Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pop goes the Now

We are currently in the middle of election fever - but the thrilling razzamatazz [yawn] of the British election process has been pushed off the top of the a volcano.

Forget the millions who have lost their lives in recent natural disasters - earthquakes stealing lives and homes and making millions miserable - Britain is grinding to a halt because of an volcano erupting on another continent.

Our airports are closed, our imports are threatened and the Eurostar is booked solid for days.

So -it being election month, can we put a positive spin on this 'disaster'?

No planes - less emissions and no nuisance noise.......good job!
No imports - more people buying local seasonal produce....good job!
No planes - lots of phone calls and texts means more business for the mobile phone companies, cheaper tariffs........good job!
No imports - more income for local producers.......good job!

I always think it's a good thing when the world is tipped on edge - because it stops us getting too presumptuous.
The 'Now' generation has had to become the 'Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe The Next Day' generation......and this is good for everyone.

Life is all about shaping your existence around things you can't change, not about expecting the world to shape around you.



Nikki - Notes of Life said...

A great post with a positive spin :)

I'm glad not to be one of those stuck trying to get home (why people are bothering trying to get out of the country I don't know... I don't think anyone's going anywhere for a while yet).

Bilbo said...

Smoke, mud, and hot air...volcanoes are not all that dissimilar from election seasons in the States. I do like your upbeat spin on the eruption, though. Good luck!

Melli said...

Amen to THAT CQ!

Tanya (@netchick) said...

Heya CQ! How are you? I haven't been by in a bit... A little preoccupied with moving, wedding stuff, and worrying about if I'm going to make it out in your direction for our honeymoon. Thankfully, I see the skies are now pretty smooth, so we'll be enjoying some Guiness and charm from your neck of the woods in short order.

I totally agree with your last sentence... words to live by!


Walker said...

Now that's what I call the fart of farts.
When mother nature lets one go the world stands still holding its breath