Sunday, September 30, 2007

Caption Competition

Originally inspired by Carmi over at Written Inc, I throw these caption competitions in on the weekends - if I can find a suitable picture.

I think this is eminently suitable :-)Pandora (18) is on the right and Charlie (2) is on the left. This is the only time I have ever seen them quietly eating side by side. Normally Charlie is fed around the corner!

Pandora is a delicate little old lady (18 is 85+ in cat years), a very clever cat but with an evil personality. Charlie is huge, but it's all frame and fur, there's not a spare bit of flesh on him. He has a slightly deformed jaw so he only eats what he needs. We got him as a spiky kitten who was so big we (my vet and I) actually misjudged his age. Unlike Pandy, Charlie is a complete nit - but they are both totally devoted.
Add your captions to the comments.

If you are following my old nanowrimo, the story is gaining momentum over at the storystore - I'm addicted.....and I wrote it!!
So far Dawn and Naomi are shrieking for more chapters....they ain't seen nuthin' yet!
But it's an unfinished manuscript - I guess I should really finish it!
I wonder what I can write for this year's nanowrimo.



Anonymous said...

Hope you do participate in this years
nano. You got a lot of potential.

Now I go check your story.

Glad Michele sent me to read that next chapter!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Charlie is saying to Pandora:"Right after I've finished my milk, I'm having yours!"

kenju said...

I'm not good with captions, CQ, but I do wonder why Charlie is SO MUCH bigger than Pandora? Maybe he steals her food when you aren't looking!

Michele said hi.

CyberKitten said...

Not sure about a caption... But *gosh* Charlie is a BIG boy... Whatcha feeding him on CQ?

Carli said...

When I'm done with the food, I'm eating the little one--

As told by Charlie.

Carli said...

oops, I'm here from Michele, and I am also a dragon.

Walker said...

Caption hmmmm, "Tuna again"

Charlie is one big cat.
They all have their unique personallities but still manage to interact as mine did.

carmilevy said...

We secretly added steroids to our new formula cat food.

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Ohh, I'm not very good at captions. Let me have a think about this one.

On a sidenote, what breed is Charlie? The size & fur says something like a Maine Coone to me :)

Here from Micheles tonight!

Diane Mandy said...

Great picture! Reminds me of my dog Charlie and my cat Rascal, who fight all day but sip from the same water bowl by day.

Found you via-- who else?-- Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Gah CQ - I'm loving loving LOVING this story LOL!

Every time I finish the most recent chapter, I pout cuz I know I have to wait for the next one LOL!

Keep em coming hon - I'm a fast reader!

Anonymous said...

More more more!!

Omg, I need my daily fix :P

Seriously though, this is just fantastic! I'm reading this sat right on the edge of my seat!

Bobkat said...

I can't help wondering why youa re feeding your cats on 'Cif' LOL!

Charlie certainly is a big ball of fluff. Definitely Maine Coone methinks.

My head isn't working at the moment as I'm poorly sick so no caption from me I'm afraid. I like the one from 'the professor' :)

Anonymous said...

Chapter 11 is read :D

It gets more chilling yet better and better!!

More please!! :D

Tawcan said...

Hi thanx for visiting my blog. Thought I'd return the favour.

I'm not very good with captions but here's a try:

"You got a long way to go Charlie."

Shephard said...

What pretty cats! :)
Our 4 eat side by side. Funny how different and individual cats are.

Michele sent me to see your kitties (and I'm glad she did).

Pat said...

Pandora: Size isn't everything Charley!
Hi Michele sent me again so I scrolled down. People should do that more often.

Unique Designs from Zazzle said...

michele sent me to look at these purrrrty cats.

do they always dine together?

the fluffy-tailed one is so much bigger.

my belated captions entry:

"Didn't I tell you never to lick your plate?"

Terry said...

Now how did I ever guess it that you are a cat lady Crazie Queen?
I love the creatures myself!!
I usually try to do a kitty post twice a year ..
I snatch the cats from several blog sites, gather them all up and then I pull Adi the dog from his Texan home to fly them over to our Canadian house for a wee visit!
I think it is about time to do that again!...Terry

PS Now don't you go worrying if that Pandora and Charlie come up missing for a couple of days!