Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thank You

[smiles sheepishly]

Wow, my old nanowrimo has got you all pleasantly surprised.

In response to mah Blogsistah's desperate plea, I have published Chapter Five - but I don't think that's going to relieve her frustration, quite the opposite probably.

Update: As I'm off to bed now, I have published Chapter Six to keep you going. More tomorrow! :-)
And Chapter Seven is there now.
Eight will be up later today.

So go on, click here and enjoy.

if you don't like the nanowrimo story - check out the archives and you'll find some of my old short stories.



Shannon akaMonty said...

hooraw! I'm going right over to check out the nanowrimo!!

Sara said...

Hello, again! Michele sent me. Seems she wanted me to read chapter 5...It's looking good!!!

Maybe next year I'll try it...but this year it just isn't in the plan...

Pirate Princess said...

Thanks for stopping by! :)

I get that feeling of accomplishment when I finally get a chapter up on my Sun Sets in the West blog.

Gone to go check out the story now....

Anonymous said...

Omg!! That b*****d stole him!!

Fizzy said...

Get off your knees - and thank you
You have been a very busy Queenie

Anonymous said...

You know, I have the strangest feeling that I know who the husband in chapter six is lol - but then, knowing you, you'll surprise me.

Awesome writing hon, and as usual - more more more!! I want to know how this unfolds!!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you are writing up a storm.