Thursday, September 27, 2007

Short and Sweet

Go here.......

Check it out



Let me know what you think :-)

Update - Chapter Four is published.



Michael K. Althouse said...

I like. I'll have to come back by when I have more time. I never knew...

Michele sent me,


Anonymous said...

Niiice. Are you doing NaNo again this year? (Michele sent me to ask)

Karen said...

Wow! Talk about drama and intensity! I'm very impressed! So much talent to be found over at Michele's - who knew?! (She sent me, by the way.) Have a great weekend!

carmilevy said...

Damn, can you write!

I wish I had the time to do it this year. I really want to do it...but I worry about dropping the ball on everything else I've got going.

Mind you, if it means having a publishable book that I can market, maybe...

Wonder what Michele would say. She sent me here to ask you if you think I should give it a shot.

David Edward said...

i am so crazie busy that I have had no time for the nice person award - but I will, when I will.

here from michelelelelele

Anonymous said...

Ooooh CQ!! I just sat and read the whole thing from start to finish!!

I LOVE it! I got right to the end thinking "OMG, don't trust him, he's lying!! He just wants the baby!!"

LOL. You have a wonderful writing style hon, I enjoyed every single word :D

rashbre said...

Whoa! I wasn't expecting this. I hope you are limbering up for this year's bash at the NaNo too? I will immediately add you to my buddies if so.

You've certainly compressed a lot of ideas and intensity into this!

Here via Michele's! Hiya!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Excellent, CQ. You have quite a writing style.

Michele sent me.

Paul Nichols said...

Hi. Here from Michele's. I'm gonna come back this evening and read your book. It looks good.

I wish you well. And is it that time of the year already?

Anonymous said...

It is indeed developing nicly. You can add more dialogues to it. Internal dialogues too would do well.

Keep on with it!

Glad Michele sent me here!

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me. Very nice - characters seem to be strong. Good Dialogue! You are doing well.

Anonymous said...

CQ!! I just read Chapter Four. More - more more more!!

I'm hooked!