Monday, December 22, 2008

16 Days of Christmas - 3rd Day

On the third day of Christmas,
my chores list sent to me....
a trip to the supermarket.

And what a challenge that was! After two days of rest I was surprised to find my knee is still very weak and painful - which meant I still needed crutches for long periods. We went to the big supermarket thinking we could get everything in one go - and found that a lot of the stuff wasn't available in the big store, so MB has now trucked off with another list to the little store to get the leftovers.

Anyway, to today's subject - Bojangles. Nope, not the singer, the dog :-) And he is in charge of guarding the gifts...........

This is our first Christmas without the much adored Pandora, who went to the Rainbow Bridge in March after sharing our lives for 18yrs. Bojangles was the stuffed dog which she adopted and slept with every day as she grew older.Pandora (Pandy to her friends) enjoyed Christmas; the long days with Mum and Dad staying at home and making a fuss of her. Turkey trimmings, toys and snuggles made Christmas her favourite time of the year - sometimes she took things a little far!This is her waiting for Christmas breakfast - I think she fancied bacon and eggs! We have our hooligans this year, Charlie and William, but we still miss our grande dame Pandora.

(NetChick is hosting the 'Holiday Meet and Greet' this week, so if you have five minutes this holiday season pop on over and say hello - you never know who you'll meet!)



Ladybug Crossing said...

Aww... Pandy is watching and enjoying your Christmas with you.
Have a very Merry Christmas. We'll be off with my sister this year. I don't know how much blogging I'll do there, but I'll catch you when I get back.

Melli said...

Somehow I feel Pandy's presence is still lingering about the house... probably BOPPIN' those boyz in the head every now and again!

I've been wondering about your "16" days of Christmas -- but now I see - you need 16 because you couldn't fit it all IN to twelve! LOL!

~j said...

"Hello, netchick sent me" lol

i'm thankful (and also a wee bit saddened) that i'm not the only one who feels like i need more than 12 days of Christmas this year.

i'll be back to see the rest of your chores list. =D

Anonymous said...

I went out today to buy cream for Kahlua and forgot the coffee. Oh well. I shouldn't have made my shopping list without checking it twice. Net Chick wants to know who's naughty or nice.

Anonymous said...

These days of Christmas idea is great reading.