Saturday, December 20, 2008

16 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas,
my chores list gave to me...
one, two, three, four loads of laundry.

Day One of my magnificent two week break over Christmas. It is eating up all my holiday time, but will be worth it in the end. Obviously, I have stuff to do - Christmas food shopping, put the tree up (every day if Charlie lives up to his reputation), cleaning, cooking etc - but I am ordering my body and brain to slow down............

Lots of rest, junk TV, Christmas food, Christmas Day with MB and the Crazie Kittehs, the Crazie Christmas Party, some time alone with mah kittehs - and lots of time to rest my knee and get over the endless stream of colds and flu. And imagine my delight at getting a modest parcel all the way from the beautiful Hollywood Hills and our magical friend Naomi :-) It will be placed under the tree for the Day. (Other modest parcels will be distributed)



Nikki - Notes of Life said...

I'm here from NetChick's today, but you know I'd turn up anyway!

I hope you enjoy your 2 week Christmas break, once you've got over the housework etc that is! I've got 2 more days of work myself and then no more work until 5th January.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas (despite all your troubles lately). Take care and have a good one! :)

Anonymous said...

*hug* Sorry CQ... It wasn't the visitors. I'm having minor technical difficulty with the WP 2.7 switch, and somehow it decided you needed to be moderated?? Doh. I'll see what the problem is and make sure you never have this go on again!

Have an awesome Saturday! Thanks for playing along, and having some patience :)

Tanya (aka NetChick)

Dale Challener Roe said...

Here from NetChick.

I'm doing chores as well, for the endless stream of guests that come to visit the kids over the holidays. Today is steam cleaning the carpets.

Monica said...

Thanks for stopping by blog via Netchick and I noticed you were getting skipped a few times so, here I am visiting you.

I'm trying to imagine actually getting a gift and putting it under the tree until Christmas! It just doesn't happen with me in the house! As soon as I see it, I OPEN it! Bad, I know.

I enjoyed your entry.


David Edward said...

god bless the Queen, and may your christmas be merry and bright

David Edward said...

Net chick sent me

Bobkat said...

Rest is exactly what you need and should have! I got a lil something from Hollywood too :)

I will be in touch sometime over Christmas {hugs} enjoy!

Bobkat said...

Netchick sent me back over to re-iterate that I hope you are getting some rest between chores!

Take care hon :)