Friday, December 12, 2008

Ready for Christmas? er - no...!

So - how are things at the Palace....?

I have an appointment for an MRI scan on Tuesday - hopefully that'll be the step in the right direction to sort my knee out. Currently I am hearing all sorts of horror stories about people who it took months or years to diagnose torn ligaments/cartilage. I'm hoping this won't be me!
I can tentatively totter about the house, but anything more ambitious than that still requires crutches - and after two months I have just worn out my first pair!

I have had my second bout of flu in 6 weeks - which resulted in a touch of bronchitis. So I have been rather poorly lately and felt quite sorry for myself what with temperature and sickness and crutches!

I have managed some gentle Christmas shopping, and started wrapping gifts. I am meeting Bobkat on Monday for an evening out and her gifts are all ready to go. Follow the link in bold, go visit, say hello - she'll love the company!
My parents' gifts are almost ready, except the online orders. I just need to get the rest of MB's gift and I'm set.

The Christmas decorations are down from the loft, but we're not decorating just yet. It'll be a disaster with the hooligan cats we currently have; Charlie is infamous for wrecking the tree every year and William attacks everything. We will decorate, but are leaving it til Christmas Week.

I am tired. I am unhappy. I am disillusioned. I am worn out from being 'cheerful' at work and not letting people see how desperately low I really am.
This weekend I intend to chill with some movies - between doing the laundry, cooking and housework, of course!

Update - no movies today, MB has discovered a M*A*S*H Day on Paramount TV, so it's Hawkeye and Radar all the way...!
2nd update - the great Michele has retired from blogging! No more Meet and Greet!
3rd update - And just when things are at their darkest I find out the Meet & Greet is being continued by NetChick, a blogging legend - an excellent way to spend the weekend!



Sleepypete said...

Think I might be getting some Blakes 7 watching in around the cricket and more movies :-)

MaR said...

Enjoy your weekend, cq...hope the MRI scan goes well on Tuesday, keep us posted.

rashbre said...

Chilling out with some movies sounds good. I a impressed you managed to wear out some crutches. I once had them after a sports injury and I thought they were pretty robust!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You have been in the wars, CQ!

Anonymous said...

Hey CQ... I'm so sorry to hear about the knee. That must be so frustrating. My friend Miranda ( has been going through knee issues for quite a while now, and has done a lot of research. You may want to head over to her blog and share some of the stuff you are going through? She can definitely relate.

I hope to see you over at my blog for the Meet n' Greet... And give Bobkat a big hug for me when you see her! (and a hug for you too, of course)

Take care...

Anonymous said...

Oh! Ps... Thanks so much for highlighting the change on your blog. It was announced on Michele's final entry, but it's disappeared (not sure what happened)

Thanks again for getting the message out there! :D

Walker said...

The knee is a funky part of the body to heal.
I've had my left one broken and it was never the same.
Don't let them talk you ibnto chicken part injections.
I hope yours heals quick and keep it warm, humid weather is a pain in the knee

Sometimes i wonder if i decorated the cat instead of the tree for it to take off would she run through the tree dropping off decorations.

Bobkat said...

The good news is that you are feeling better adn that the NHS is finally going to scan your knee. This menas that things are moving for you, even if they are frustratingly slow (especially when it lessens your mobility in the meantime).

Very much looking forward to Monday :)

Netchick sent me this time :)

mw said...

I spent last Christmas recovering from knee surgery, and I was terribly low. The good news is that this Christmas is behaving perfectly - no pain and a lot of strength. I hope for the same for you!

I remember Christmas shopping on crutches - it made me very grateful for online shopping. Good luck!

Nikki - Notes of Life said...


NetChick sent me, but you know I'd be along anyway :)

I'm sorry to hear you've been ill of late along with still hobbling around on crutches. Hopefully, Christmas will bring you some cheer and goodwill!

Enjoy M*A*S*H, I've been watching The A-Team! :D

carmilevy said...

Your eve with the famous Pamela ought to cheer you up. I'm green with envy, as I suspect time spent hanging around both of you would be memorable indeed.

Sending you happies and healthies from my end of the Commonwealth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Craziequeen!
Just got here from Netchick!
Good luck with the scan!

Bilbo said...

Between your bad knee and my bad foot, we should do some dancing together!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Ahhhhh Christmas and the Infamous CHARLIE....Knockabout-Artist-Extrordinaire!
Long may he wave....(And little William,!
I Hope & Pray that things will be BETTER very soon, my dear CQ!