Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not Enjoying This Life

Some days you wonder if there is any point....?

Today I was nearly hit by a double decker bus while crossing a zebra crossing. I looked before stepping out, saw a decent gap in traffic, and as I got about a 1/4 way across I heard squealing tyres and looked up to see a bus about ten feet from me - brakes on hard, burning rubber. There was someone standing by the driver, so he was obviously chatting and not paying attention.
I feel sick.
I had my MRIs on my knee yesterday and the only clue the nurse gave me was that it was 'very swollen' - nah, you think?????
Now it's a waiting game until end of January, unless my orthopaedic chappie takes sympathy on me.
Update - the staff would not tell me if there was anything on the MRI or not - they refused to give out information and just said the MRIs would be sent to the originator. I have had several people (including the nurse at the MRI) tell me of torn ligaments and cartilage not diagnosed for months.
I am not a happy blogger.


Melli said...

Oh now I'm just JEALOUS! You have ZEBRA CROSSINGS??? How cool is that!

I sure hope your ortho chappie is a pitiful bloke! ;) Really!

CyberKitten said...

I think that you need a *long* break.....

Sleepypete said...

Sometimes, I get the feeling that the main reason the NHS has for making people wait so long is to see if they'll give up and go elsewhere ... Or to see if the injury fixes on its own.

I dislike hospitals. My "do they really know what they're doing?" alarm tends to go off ...

PS Your chauffeur will be ready & willing to hear the "Home James" call on the 28th :-) (not forgetting the "To Weston ! And don't spare the hamsters !" that'll come earlier too that day.

MaR said...

Hope you can enjoy the holidays, cq!!

Ladybug Crossing said...

Oh, honey... I'm so sorry!! You're having a really tough time of it, aren't you? Here's a big hug from me.

Juggling Mother said...

"very swollen" and nothing on the MRI - C'mon CQ, you know what that means - it's a soft tissue injury. Put your feet up for a few weeks & it will get better (eventually). I know the idea of a "few weeks" off your leg completely sounds impossible, but it's the only way it will get better. I know - I've been there. Lost my job over it in the end (they wouldn't hold it open for the 3 months the doc suggested!) At least you don't have to worry about that happening to you;-)

Sleepy - The NHS are not rushing it thru because it is not life threatening & there is probably nothing more they can do. When it is something important they are pretty damn good in my experience.

You gotta take a deep breath, relax & stop stressing out about stuff (easier said than done, I know). But we're all here to support you:)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

There is something dreadfully wrong with this Health Care System. It is NOT "CARE"....! Nor is it "HEALTH"....OY!

I do not understand why the patient is foced to wait for months when it is obvious that there is something very verey wrong! OY...OY!

So sorry you have to go through this as well as the pain of your injury....OY...OY....OY!

Walker said...

You have alot on your mind and its distracting you.
You need some mind clearing down time.
Any strip clubs around you could go and unwind at?

Bobkat said...

The main thing is that the bus DID NOT hit you.

As for the NHS, I had a similar experience with my ultrasound. I asked if they could tell me what they saw and all they would tell me was that there was a lump in my thyroid. D'ya think?! Hoping for a quick diagnosis.