Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good News All Round

Just been visiting some blogfriends and it's good news all round.........

Bobkat has blogged that her mum is still improving after a long and tortuous stay in hospital and is going home very, very soon.

Minerva continues to improve, showing Big C the door in grand style.......

And our very own Naomi, tucked away in her Beverley Hills home, is celebrating her 76th birthday tomorrow......OK, do we have enough bloggers to give her the birthday bumps??
And in the birthday spirit - tomorrow is Bobkat's birthday and she's got lots of games on her blog to help celebrate. Here is my giftie to her - delicious triple chocolate cake with fresh strawberries...........

Flowers and congratulations all over!! Go on, visit and say hi :-)



Bobkat said...

Thanks Hon for all your supportive words for my mum. She is home now and so pleased!

It is also the greatest news about Minerva! Cheers all round.

In addition I was pleased to hear that Naomi kept her licence as an early birthday present!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Thank you, Thank You, Thank you, my dear CQ! It is now officially my Bkirthday day, but in truth, I wasn't born until 3:25 am which will be here sooner than I think...LOL!

Thank you for this LOVELY mention and for your very sweet song and your sweet words, too, on my blog!

I send Big Hugs back to ALL of you there across the pond---and Sweetie sends hugs, too!

Bobkat said...

Awwww Hon, choccy cake and strawberries!! How did you know [grin]. Thanks for the call out n birthday wishes, n playing along n everyfink!

We must have one of our nights out soon! :)

Preeti Shenoy said...

So sweet of you to remember all the bloggers, and write a nice post about them.
Thanks for dropping by!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Thank You dear CQ for your futher Birthday Wishes....The LADIES WHO LUNCH was Wonderful!!!

MaR said...

Oh, you are such a sweet blog friend! I have visited the bday ladies already, isn't this fun?
I saw you at Michele's this time, but it wasn't my turn , lol
So I am cheating and visiting on my own :)
enjoy your weekend, cq!

carmilevy said...

I love this convergence of happiness - and the fact that you've chosen to write about it on your blog.

You're a good soul, Charlie Brown, in so many ways. This exemplifies another one of them.

Anonymous said...

We've got to stop meeting like this: First Bobkat's BD party and now Michele's.

As a Yank, thanks for the crossed flags on your sidebar. I've always said that what ended at Philadelphia started at Runnymede.