Friday, June 08, 2007

How to Win Yourself a Black Knight

When you decide to sew a favour for the Black Knight - make sure he knows - and be first to tie it on his lance!

When you meet up with him after a whole bottle of wine each on a girly night out - endeavour to appear more sober than your female drinking companions.

When he offers to return your favour 'drenched in the blood of his enemies' - accept the offer freely!

Whenever he gets within hearing distance during the joust - yell 'Huzzah, the Black Knight!!' as loud as you can, leaping up and down.

When he blows a kiss across the jousting field - wave sweetly.

Remember to stay in character and address him as 'good sire' - it'll guarantee a smile.

When he bends down from the carriage to kiss you farewell - demurely offer your cheek.

Then, when you are home and back in reality - dream of your Black Knight and the spark of romance to brighten your days.

And yes, you romantic blogger-type people......all the above happened at the joust I went to.

Did I take photos? Nope - of course not.....I never think of things like that - and anyway, I never carry my camera in kit. A medieval woman toting a digital camera just looks wrong. But I have asked Gerard if any decent photos were taken of the event.



Anonymous said...

A few more details and I might be able to picture it. Your royal michele sent me to day Gday.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I look forward to seeing some pictures of this VERY romantic "Joust" with your very own Black Knight!

Linda said...

Ah, but it sure does sound like fun! I have yet to see a joust, but some day, I will!

Michele sent me!

Michael K. Althouse said...

How fun! I can almost see it now. I do hope someone exited character long enough to get some shots.

Michele sent me,


Shephard said...

What a lot of fun!
Cute description too.

Michele says hello!

David Edward said...

the lady doth tell a good tale!

Juggling Mother said...

have you seen the new moto razor advert? mmmm, black knight riding through fire. mmmmm.......

carmilevy said...

You painted a vivid picture with your words. No photos necessary. The theatre of the mind was rich enough, thanks to you.