Sunday, June 10, 2007

Piratical Potential

Now I know TV today is weighed down with reality gameshows, and I really do have issues with most of those - but I have found a gameshow I am enjoying.

Pirate Master is a new game show offering from CBS where the game is to be pirates following clues to treasure and keys which will, in the end, lead to $1M prize.
Add in voting off players, actual activites (rowing, swimming, running - thinking even, etc), a real schooner (The Picton Castle) and the island of Domenica as a setting - this is a fun game show.
The life on board is extremely unfair - the Captain and his two officers get all the money and good food, whereas the scabrous dogs just get gruel and deck swabbing duties. Sounds about right! Won't be long until Cap'n JD is mutineed right off of that ship......

We have just had episodes 1 and 2 here in the UK and it is shaping up well. I have even identified my favourite game players (luckily both still standing after two votes).

Go Azmyth!!

Go Louie!!

Good premise, excellent ship, good strong competitors, fantastic location.



Ladybug Crossing said...

How are you??
I haven't watched TV in what seems weeks... I've been so busy. I can't wait to curl up with my TV...

Have a good week!

MsT said...

Each year I swear I will not get sucked into American Idol - so far, no luck. I also enjoyed "You're the One That I Want" where they cast the leads for the musical Grease opening on Broadway next month. The pirate one does sound interesting, though... Michele says hi!

Unknown said...

That sounds like something I'd enjoy - though nothing beats the US version of Hells Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay.

I LOVE seeing him yell and curse and swear at the poor dogs working for him LOL.

Psttt ... pretty Wedding Dress piccies on my blog!!

Bobkat said...

Soooo... no Black Knights in this then? [evil grin] LOL!