Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pain, Much Pain

I do not like dentists. Dentists, I do not like you.

OK, enough Dr Seuss........

I am terrified of the dentist.
After atrocious treatment as a teenager, I have spent the rest of my life in fear of dentists in general and the treatment they dish out.
I have broken one dental nurse's fingers (when she foolishly offered to hold my hand during a root canal), one dentist actually knelt on my chest to stop me trying to leave the chair, I have bitten dentists and I suffer terrible panic attacks with heart palpitations. Gas and Air is not now allowed in the UK, instead Valium is used as a sedative. I can't take Valium, it makes me suicidal. So I am restricted to Beta-Blockers to reduce the panic attacks and heart palpitations.
I have a bear that comes with me to all my dental treatment, even just check-ups. His name is Albert and the poor fella really gets the stuffing pulled out of him when I have any work done.
My current dentist has learnt the hard way to do the work as quickly as possible, and not to stop unless I actually grab him (which I have done in the past!).

So, I was horrified today when I broke a filling in one of the big deep molars at the back of my jaw.
I fought back my nausea and went to the dentist, and he quickly drilled out the broken filling, tidied up the tooth and refilled it.
I wrenched poor Albert every which way, I screamed, I cried, I kicked and I howled........but my dentist resolutely kept working on me.

Oh, the pain! When the novocaine wore off, the pain was immense. Because the molar was a big one, and the filling needed a post (a metal spike in my jaw), there was a lot of work done on the jawline and the resulting pain was unbearable. I am now writing this under the influence of Ibuprofen (pain relief).

Where's my bed.......?

I promise - a proper post tomorrow.........perhaps I will tell you about my short but memorable friendship with the Black Knight :-)



Walker said...

I donlt think there is anyone who wants to see the dentist unless they are married to one and it's payday lol
I hope the pain goes away soon and you are your smiley self again :)

Unknown said...

Oooooh hon, I do hope you're feeling better soon.

I too hate dentists, but the one I have here is actually from Britain and he's awesome!

Maybe I should offer to have him fly out next time :P

Unknown said...

I'm with ya I don't like em either

Pat said...

Ooh I rather wish you hadn't said all that. I'm at that stage when I'm not sure. Do I need to go or is it just stress and I haven't been wearing my shield at night? Brokem filling? Please tell me you don't eat treacle toffee. I am sympathetic truly:(

rashbre said...

I only have bad stories of dentists so I think I'll skip that topic, la-la-la-lah.

*puts fingers in ears and closes eyes*

And Hiya here via Michele's today!


carmilevy said...

I'm flinging good health vibes across the ocean, my friend. May you have a weekend with no pain and more happiness than you can handle. You richly deserve only good things.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

So sorry you had to go through this horrid torture, my dear...I empathize completely! Having spent more hours than I like to recount and enough money to buy a house in Hawaii...I know of what you speak and are recovering from, too! Take good care, my dear...!

Carli N. Wendell said...

Hope they gave you something stronger than ibuprofen. Feel better.

I haven't been to the dentist in years. I'm surprised my teeth haven't shimmied their way out of their sockets and marched away.