Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The End - or is it? Part 3

[The end of a re-enactor's first season]

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So, what does the Company of Chivalry do at these living history events?

One half of the company provide living history market stalls with everything displayed from grinding wheat to making leather goods, spinning wool to hammering coins. The other half (mostly men) provide the military insight into 1370. We have a small set of soldiers who display drill, fighting techniques and weaponry. We also include a small tournament usually pitting one Knight against another with the support of their troops.

Some photos of our company:

On the right is Lord Berkeley, and on their knees are his supporting soldiers.
This is my Lord Thomas Hungerford, with his trusty soldier Master Caunsfield.

Ah, the Young Lord Hungerford (son of Hungerford, above) engages with Lord Courtney.

This is the melee, with the soldiers from both sides engaging. This was an illegal act and the master of ceremonies would have withdrawn and washed his hands of the whole affair.

One of our neighbour's tents with their weaponry stacked up.

And finally, the soldiers supporting My Lord Hungerford, and a familiar looking woman peasant (ooh, that would be good ol' cq!) on hand to hand out water to ensure the soldiers are properly hydrated in the heat with their thick padded jacks and mail/plate shirts.

Of course, it being a medieval fair and joust, it would be unfair not to include a photo of the jousters in combat.The Knights of Royal England were very popular over the weekend. A couple of the Knights even joined our Company for drill practice - a bit of a show of 14C military drill with the opportunity for kids to join in and have some fun. The punters told me they thoroughly enjoyed the jousts, but I didn't get to see any, as I was either helping arm My Lord, preparing water supplies or hammering coins.

So, the successful weekend drew to a close, and my time limit had arrived - I gave myself a year to see how I felt about re-enactment, perhaps find a skill and see if I liked it.
As I prepared to leave on Sunday evening, I nipped into My Lord Hungerford's tent to say farewell and I let him know my decision.

But what was it? Will I be returning next season, or am I preparing to sell my kit?

(Thank you to Graham of Berties World on Flickr for giving me permission to replicate his photos here. I understand they had a wonderful day out, and it was amazing to be a part of that.)


Ladybug Crossing said...

This is absolutely fascinating! Thanks so much for sharing. We have a joust at a festival near us, but you don't get to poke another bloke... you get to try to grab a brass ring with your stick.

Love the pictures, but it doesn't show what happens when it rains. What does happen when it rains? I know I'd stay home!!

keda said...

hey wench! that looked like loads of fun! nerdy but FUN ;)

of course you'll carry on wenching next year!

Bobkat said...

Sooo... are you carrying on or not? :)

Thanks for your kind words Hon. I have not been in a good way but it gets easier to cope. I am going away for a few days and will be back next week. The old Bobkat will be back then :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I hope you do. I'd like to visit one of the places you do your re-enactments.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

So? Are you going to make us wait for the other shoe to drop till "next season" like they do in Television???(LOL)
It certainly is a very interestingh thing these re-enactments....It really is so much like "let's pretend", which is basically what all performing in plays, etc., seems to be about...plus the History involved is amazing! I think you will continue because it sounds like you have fun doing it!

Melli said...

I think you are returning next season! Seems to me you've enjoyed this quite a bit!

Melli said...

By the way... JOUSTING is Maryland's "state sport"... not that anyone knows it. But I went to a jousting tournament a few weeks ago and expected to see nice costumes and such - like y'all have - pft! It was mostly kids (ages 5-16) and no costumes. BORING! And this is why no one knOws that jousting is our state sport! LOL!

rashbre said...

I seem to remember you were sewing yourself into the clothes a few posts ago. I think this is a sign.

David Edward said...

great to see all the happenings, i love the color and of course the suspense of wondering IF you will continue this madness.

WendyWings said...

I am willing to bet you do continue to do this, it seems like you have really enjoyed it too much not to.
Fun times what ho !

Le laquet said...


MaR said...

It seems like a great event and I am sure you have had a grand time. I think I saw that peasant woman! *wink*
I think the chances of you continuing doing this are very, very high!

Fizzy said...

I really do hope that you do continue, all the posts you have written about it, just goes to show how much you like it! AND how much you get from it.

gautami tripathy said...

I am kind of envious!!

Those costumes are superb and you seem to have a very good experience.

Michele sent me back!