Saturday, June 10, 2006

One Time Only

See this? This is the England flag for the World Cup, three lions, St George cross blah, blah, blah. This is the last time you will see this flag on my blog.

Feast your eyes, as this blog is designated a
World Cup Free Zone.

So no football, no scores, no running commentary [looks at RCA].

Oh, and I have been invited to blog at allblogstars! :-) Of course, they had to have the Queen! I will mosey on over there later today.
Actually, anyone can blog at allblogstars, just go on over and follow the instructions on the first post!

Still a bit 'quiet' after the stress of my exams.......I'll be back later.
All for now!

[takes chocolate chip cookies out of oven]

[wafts aroma towards 'MicheleLand]

So - any ideas on how to fill the next 3 weeks??



kenju said...

Certainly! Eat cookies and blog!

I am happy to know that this is a world cup free zone. I know nothing about the sport....LOL

Michele sent me.

Panthergirl said...

As an American, World Cup has absolutely no hold on me or anyone else around here. So funny, because soccer is a HUGE sport for elementary school children, but after that...nothing.

However, my old boyfriend was from Wales and he was a rabid Wrexham fan (the worst team in football). So I know what it's like to be AROUND someone who's obsessed!!

Here via michele today, crazie!

CyberKitten said...

I've just bought a load of DVD's... So I'll be catching up on my fave films whilst other people are watching some kind of sporting event.

Needless to say it won't be mentioned on my Blog either.. [grin].

rashbre said...

Well I shall admit to a certain amount of World Cupfullness over at rashbre central, but I'm also trying to have a bit of fun with the search engines and suchlike. I suppose I'd better say here, too, that rashbre central is not the Official FIFA World Cup Germany Site 2006.

best rashbre

Fizzy said...

I am not putting a flag up.
Totally fed up with it already :(
Don't mind the later stages of it (cos I have to) but at the moment.... Yuk

I think I can feel an anti- *you-know-what* quiz/game coming on at my blog any ideas?

Ladybug Crossing said...

relax. watch the telly. sleep. eat. blog. go for a long walk. shop til you drop.


I'm in since yesterday. See you there.

carmilevy said...

The degree to which some folks turn their lives over to the worship of all things sporting is absolutely lost on me. Sure, I can understand being a fan, but when it takes over your life, that's a little over the top.

What's worse are the fair weather fans. You know, the ones who come out of the woodwork only when their team is winning, or as in this case, when they're in the world cup. Here in the Canadian London, cars have suddenly sprouted flags in support of their favorite team. Not like they could name any players on the team, but I suppose it makes them happy anyway.

Pathetic. I think they'd be better off participating, and not watching.

Michele would no doubt agree.

silentmum said...

Everyone over here keeps asking me- who do you think will win- bascially don't care. I'm sorry- not i'm not, I have a life, a lovely 7 yr old who would far prefer to go and play in the park then stay in and watch some overpaid overpromoted chaps kick a ball around. Hey, I like footie as well as the next but when it comes down to having fun at the local lake watching madam screech with laughter or staying in and watching the telly...know which one I'll will choose. As they say, more to life than footie...

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