Saturday, June 17, 2006

Today's Person

Seeing a picture on Our Lady's blog today, I shuffled my People around so today I would post.....

It's our Tom. Not Tom Cruise [bleurch!] but Tom Skerritt. Even though he made his first film two years before I was a twinkle in my daddy's eyes, I have always had a soft spot for the ruggedly handsome chap!

Viper (dedicated instructor and former Top Gun) in Top Gun

Drum Eatenton (barmy but devoted husband and father) in Steel Magnolias

Jimmy Brock (the Sheriff always an inch or two out of his depth) in Picket Fences

Capt (by the book) Rhodes in Tears of the Sun

...and I see this busy actor has even fitted in a few episodes in the second season of Huff as Huff's pop! Hmm.....Azaria and Skerritt on the same screen - help nurse! (to quote our lovely Lady in the Hills!)

I never really knew my real dad, so you may find some older actors cropping up in my People's a silly thing of mine.



OldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh I dearly love your tribute to this wonderful actor and dear dear man! Were you referring to "Mash"? And I can't think of the name of the film the Redford Directed where our Tom was the father who was a man of the cloth--Brad Pitt was in it I believe, too...The mind boggles with so much info at this age, you know..Oh I'll have to IMDB this one...(*coughs*)...One day I will write more about this very talented special man...I think it's grand you made him your "Person" for today...I would like to know more about this blog "person" idea of yours, my dear...Our Johnny D. is on right now in my favorite film--(Finding Neverland")--He is just about the best man walking the planet, isn't he? I knew that's who you were talking about the other day when Blogger wouldn't let you download his picture!

Jennifer said...

i have always thought he was a nice looking man too!

Le laquet said...

Tom "I come from another planet and I bounce on sofas" Cruise ~ bleugh! Tom Skerrit ~ hubba hubba hubba! Ah Legends of the Fall! Alien! And a couple of episodes of Cheers too ... *sighs again* delicious!

WendyWings said...

Good choice ! He is pretty hot for an old guy. ;)

Reverberate58 said...

I have always love Tom Skerritt for his regged looks. To me he was an actor that you knew he meant it when he told someone he loved them!!

I thought he was too funny in Sweet Magnolias chasing the birds out of the tree for his daughters wedding!!

And I watched the whole Picket Fences show.