Monday, September 25, 2006

I feel a party comin' on.....

OK, so I didn't win the Emmys. :-(
S'ok, I was up against some serious competition and I am thrilled that Dale and Mar won (OK, so Dale was a shue-in!), because they are just such excellent bloggers.

But - don't put your frocks away just yet......'cos it's Party-Time again at the Palace.

This week is my Blogiversary on the 28th. And it is Wendy's (13th) and Mar's (23rd) just gone as I feel a party comin' on!
Anyone else celebrating their Blogiversary?
And I am approaching the big Five Oh Oh on my posts, and my counter is scarily close to 30,000 - could there be any better reason to throw a party??

Add to the celebrations, charlie and pandora's little missing Spanish feline friend Luna has turned up safe and reasonably well after 4 *weeks* alone outside and it's celebrations all round!

So, keep hold of your frocks, I'll put the buffet and chocolate fountain in coldstore until Friday night.

Yep, Friday the 29th September is Party Day!
Watch this space........


Jennifer said...

wait wait wait... did i miss the gossip with the hired help? whatever became of them? are they still working for you? when is the baby due? i must go back to your archives and find out what happened at the palace....

oh and i didn't win either... no hard feelings... we can just be losers together! ;) we all know who the queen and princess are and aren't those titles better anyway? ;)

my blogiversary isn't until right before christmas... so i still have a ways to go but i will come to your party... guess i'll wear the same dress i got for the blog emmy's...

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh I LOVE a party, as you well know!(lol)
I'm going to get out my favorite Frock and I'll be there with Bells on... 500th post! MY LORDY, dear CQ!
The closest I can come to an Anniversary right now is: I am about to post my 200th post!!! (My Anniversary for beginning blogging is October 6th or 7th..the first blog...this one, was a month later, on Nov. 7th...AND, September 29th is a very memorable date for me...That was the date we opened on Broadway in "SPOON RIVER"..lo those many years ago!...)
CONGRATULATIONS dear CQ..You will always be a winner, to me! HOORAY!

MaR said...

Party! any reason is a good reason to throw one! I love parties, cq, and yours will be very special, I know. I missed my 100th and 200th post, but haven't reached 300 yet. Looking forward to this weekend. You know we are all winners. I'll come by early for more gossip, lol!

WendyWings said...

Well actually today is MY birthday and I am sick and it sucks and my husband gave me money shoved in an envelope which translates to me as I didn't care enough to shop.
pffft oh yeah and the oldest son is moving back here today "just for a couple of weeks" in between flats.
Am I whining too much, can I have some cheese ?