Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen (sort of)

1. Not really a TT as I am being removed from the TT blogroll. And I quote: "you must have a link to the Thursday Thirteen on Technorati on your TT posts. There are directions on, and this is a requirement for being on the blogroll. The next time I check, if it is not there, I'll have to take you off the blogroll"

2. I don't want to link to Technorati. I have not seen anything to persuade me Technorati is a good thing. Of course, this may mean I lose readers, but hey - this is my blog!

3. So despite the fact I have been a reliable TT-er for nearly a year and always link back to the Hub, I am being exiled.

4. I'll have to think of something else to do on Thursdays....

5. But anyway, I'm going back to the 14C this weekend.

6. When Aginoth asked me if I wanted to come along, I couldn't get the thought out of my mind.

7. So, I have scrounged a sleeping spot in Vic and Pete's tent (bless 'em!)

8. Aginoth is trying to round up my temporary costume.

9. And we're heading off to here

10. Caldicot Castle in Wales....

11. From the Caldicot Castle website: Founded by the Normans, developed in royal hands as a stronghold in the Middle Ages and restored as a Victorian family home, the castle has a romantic and colourful history.

12. COOL :-)

13. I think one can safely say I am going to join the Company........if they'll have me!


ps the WW hunks were Mike Holmes (from the show Holmes on Homes - ach, he's so sweet!) and Dog Chapman (Bounty Hunter extraordinaire!).


Zeus said...

You know what, Crazie Queen?

We love you nonetheless! We don't need a Thursday Thirteen to come to your blog...that I promise you!

Lazy Daisy said...

Hmmmm...I got the same message. We can be outlaws together. Rob from the rich, give to the, that's been done before! You're always a welcomed sight beloved queen, outlaw or not. I'd put my neck in the noose for you anytime!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, I don't get that 'being banished' deal...because of the Technorati stuff....It's all too anal retentive, I think....But you can still do your wonderful TT's my hell with the "powers that be"...!

That Castle is BEAUTIFUL! Really different than any one I have seen before, but of course I've only seen photographs of Castles....and I bet you've seen 100 of them...?

I hope you have a glorious weekend back in the 14th Cewntury! Most exciting....

And one last little tidbit....The JD interview with Letterman was repeated last night...I just had to watch it cause he looked so anazingly gorgeous!!! I thought of you, my dear CQ....!

Anonymous said...

Just do your TT and I'll still come and visit!

How cool to be able to visit a castle! My daughter would love it!

Ah, I thought I recognized The Dog. I see him around some times filming.

Le laquet said...

I remember a really drunken weekend camping in a field next to Caldicot Castle! It's beautiful :o)

Juggling Mother said...

Aggie went to Caldiciot castle for his stag night, but I've only been in the grounds previously. I'm quite looking forward to it despite the cough:-(

keda said...

sod em!

still do them babe. we'll all come for a shufty :) (is that how you spell that?)

and i'm so jealous of your weekend once again.
brilliant. keep us informed on all that please it looks so much fun. and have a blast!

MaR said...

Technorati hasn't brought me any readers...not a single one that I can think of. And you can still write your TT whenever you want to, and I will come over to say hello even if you aren't posting a thing :)
That wonderful!!! how romantic!
Have a wonderful weekend,cq!

Meira{FB} said...

Oh those places you go to are places I dream of going. I see them in the pics you share with us.

When something gets too many rules..........

Not many visited me this week. I work every other Wed.thurs. So I can't visit people till friday when I work them.

I'll still be visiting you regularly!

YellowRose said...

Aww, don't let the email bug you. Technorati is no big deal, and I don't see why it's becoming such.

Do your TT and I'll be here, with bells on! ;)

Leanne said...

I left a comment, I hope it comes through. Please let me know if it doesn't - blogger appears to be acting goofy.

Leanne said...

ok - perhaps it didn't.

I wanted to explain that the technorati tag is one of those blogroll rules. The benefits to having it displayed are this:

It promotes TT.
It brings TT to the front of Technorati as a "hot tag".
When people click (and people DO click) that hot tag, those who have tagged their entries with TT are listed. Everyone who uses the tag is then included in the hot tag results in Technorati. It's purely beneficial.

You don't have to use the tag. You don't have to be on the blogroll. You don't have to do anything to participate, honestly. I'm sorry that you felt offended or ousted, these are only the guidelines we go by when updating the blogs listed on the blogroll.

Please, if you would like to discuss it further, let me know. I am sorry that you feel this way.