Saturday, September 23, 2006

Random Thoughts

I was driving behind a British School of Motoring learner car today and had the most amazing flashback to my own learning days with BSM.
I had this brilliant instructor called Daryl and he would encourage me to use the lesson to run errands, saying 'driving is not about pottering aimlessly down roads and three point turns'.

He used to say 'take the next turn on the left' and I would say 'No'. That took him by surprise the first couple of times, then he got used to rethinking our route constantly. Well, my thinking was why should he know everything??

Then there was the day I was zipping happily along a by-pass and Daryl said gently 'Ross, what speed are you doing?'
'80,' I answered with a glance at my speedo.
[he coughed] 'and what's the speed limit?'
[brief silence]
'60' [applies brake gently and quietly]

Daryl was not only a very cool chap, but he was a fantastic driving instructor. Twenty two accident -free years driving seems to illustrate my faith in the man.

In other nes, me and cyberkitten went to see The Black Dahlia today. (Daaahlia in US, Day-lia in UK). It was an interesting remake of a classic movie, based on a real-life murder. Of course, being the 21C there had to be a definitive solution to the murder, even though the actual murder has never been solved.
It was over the top, contrived and intriguing. I'm not a Josh Hartnett or Scarlett Johanson fan, but it also had Aaron Eckhart (lush) and Hilary Swank, the latter vamping it up as a femme fatale and the former looking VERY cool in a homburg!

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Fizzy said...

I could have sworn that Johnny was in that film too!!! *wanders off shaking her head in disbelief*

YellowRose said...

I was wondering if that film was worth seeing. Sorry I haven't stopped by, this flu bug has kicked my hinny! Finally starting to feel like a human again! ;)


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Darling CQ.,..I want to vote for you and Mar and I'm not allowed to for for more than one blog, as you know...So, I'm not voting at all, except in my heart! You two are the BEST Foreign Blogs to this Yamkee Gal...I send you Big Big Hugs, my dear...

I had a wonderful Driving Instructor back in High School...I have no memory of him, but I know he taught all of us First Girls Driver Training Class at our High School very very well...! (They had been giving this training to the boys, for years....BUT, it wasn't till 1948 that the Girls got that same training.

Now, where were you driving 80 miles an hour, pray tell?

Anonymous said...

Great driving anecdote.

Panthergirl said...

You already know how *I* felt about that film! Yuck!!!

Here via michele!